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Committed to Student Success

From their first class to graduation day and throughout their careers, the Schulich School of Engineering is dedicated to nurturing our students’ success. Our focus is on ensuring students have rich learning experiences – both inside and outside the classroom – that prepare them to be engineering leaders and to act as a bridge to the dynamic engineering community in Calgary, Canada and beyond. 


Noor Amjad shares her student experience

At 20 years old, Noor Amjad travelled halfway around the globe to attend the Schulich School of Engineering. Mentors and friends helped her to find a home here.


Committed to Student Success Video


Our Goals

Supporting students

To recruit, teach and graduate engineers who will become their best, we must meet the needs of each individual student. Embracing a culture of supporting students means personalized academic plans and new learning pathways, scholarships celebrating academic merit and addressing financial need, and reaching out to all students to help them find their way.

Teaching and learning excellence

To meet the unique learning needs of our students, we will become a national leader in engineering education. We will work in partnership with the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning to investigate new approaches for improving teaching effectiveness. Our blending of customized learning spaces, the latest technology and innovative faculty development will inspire students and educators alike to fulfill their academic potential.

Real-world student experience

Located in the engineering capital of Canada, we will continue to welcome Calgary’s vibrant engineering community into our classrooms, and to take our students out to experience industry first-hand, providing valuable career perspectives. We will expose our students to a vigorous research environment, and foster leadership skills through engaging cocurricular activities, entrepreneurship opportunities, interdisciplinary teamwork and international experience. We will prepare our students to be skilled professionals ready for employment, to be leaders in engineering and to be engaged citizens.