University of Calgary

Hassan Hassanzadeh

Hassan HassanzadehAssistant Professor 


  • Room: EEEL 417A
  • Telephone: (403) 210-6645
  • Fax: (403) 284-4852
  • E-mail: hhassanz [at] ucalgary [dot] ca
B.Sc. (Petroleum University of Technology, Ahwaz, Iran) 1994
M.Sc. (University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran) 1997
Ph.D. (University of Calgary) 2006


My research expertise is in analytical and numerical modeling of transport phenomena in porous media with application to geological storage of CO2 and acid-gases, upscaling of multi-scale reactive flow for simulation of oil recovery processes, double diffusive convection in aquifers and oil reservoirs, and modeling and upscaling of fluid flow and transport in fractured reservoirs. We have conducted research on geological storage of CO2 in deep saline aquifers, fluid flow in naturally fractured reservoirs, and upscaling of reactive flow, where we have used analytical and numerical modeling of the processes involved. Current research activities are as follows:

  • Buoyancy-driven induced dispersion in porous media with application to CO2 storage
  • CO2 dissolution acceleration
  • Upscaling of diffusive/dispersive processes in fractured porous media
  • Block-to-block interaction in fractured porous media
  • Effect of nano-catalysts on the stability of reactive fronts in porous media


  • Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, November 2012
  • Outstanding Teaching Performance Award, December 2013

Courses I Teach or Have Taught

  • ENCH 657 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • ENPE 523 Introduction to Reservoir Engineering
  • ENPE 429 Reservoir Engineering
  • ENPE 505 Surface Production Operations
  • ENPE 533 Production Engineering
  • ENPE 509 Well Testing
  • ENPE 551 Petroleum Engineering Laboratory
  • ENPE 511 Final Year Oil and Gas Design Project I
  • ENPE 531 Final Year Oil and Gas Design Project II