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Looking to Study at the U of C as an Exchange Student?

Prospective exchange students can apply to study at the U of C by completing an Exchange Student Application and Registration Form. The form must be filled in completely, accurately, and clearly using full legal names (as appearing on other identification such as a passport -- attach a copy of ID card/passport if possible).

Students are not required to complete Section 10 (Course Selection) prior to submitting the form, however course selection should be completed as soon as possible and at the very latest, by the last day of registration for the first semester of attendance at U of C.

Other Required Documents
The completed Exchange Student Application and Registration Form must be submitted along with the following documents:

1) Proof of meeting the English Language Proficiency Requirement (e.g. TOEFL) if required. This requirement is waived in some exchange agreements; confirm with the exchange program coordinator at your home institution.

2) Letter of Permission (LOP) from your home institution. Signatures in Section 12 of the application form are sufficient or a letter from the home institution should be included.

3) An up-to-date transcript (transcripts do not have to be official but must be a true transcript, not a statement of grades or program summary). Web-based printouts are not acceptable.

4) Students are no longer required to pay a registration deposit with the application. However, all incoming students are required to pay the UPASS (city transit pass) fee. Some exchange agreements may also require payment of other compulsory fees (such as campus recreation). Students may pay the fees any time after receiving their U of C ID number, either online or in person, but no later than the fee payment deadline for each semester (end of the second week of lectures).

Submit the application form and other required documents to the exchange program coordinator at your home instutution; he/she will then forward your documents to the exchange program coordinator in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Dr. Shelley Lissel
Ph:  403 220-3513, E-mail:

Application Deadlines
For study in the fall semester May 1
For study in the winter semester Sept 15

Change of Registration
If you need to make any changes to your course registration after being approved for your courses, you can do so prior to the registration deadline using the Change of Registration Form. The exchange program coordinator can advise you on course choices, help you fill out the form and ensure you get the proper approvals.

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