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Technical Request Priorities

View a priority list of requests for technical support and see where your request is in the queue.

Date Requested By Project Name Technician Status Detail
3/15/12 Matt Ursenbach quizix pump for combustion tube SW TBA client action req
3/06/13 Fredy Navarro Labview modifications of the RTU-1 Mike part-compl
5/27/13 Hector Guzman Temp controllers wiring check-up Mike in progress
7/02/13 Fedir Pletnyov heat transfer rate apparatus constr Bernie to be scheduled
8/01/13 Hector Siegler Control system for Bioreactor Mike client action req
8/05/13 Ahmad Al-As'ad Fix incubator shaker Kary in progress
9/04/13 Eduardo Garcia wiring and checking of CTU1 Mike client action req
12/19/13 Mark Hancock Conical cell, lab-view & elect install Mike in progress
1/13/14 Khaled Sebakhy Est outlet heat energy, Parr Heater Mike client action req
2/4/14 Kim Johnston Setup and calibrate GC Paige to be scheduled
2/5/14 Florian Schoeggl Setup and calibrate GC Paige to be scheduled
3/10/14 Kunal Karan Installation of Climate Contr Chamber Bernie/Lorne completed
3/25/14 Khaled Omar Sebakhy Calibration of Brookfield Viscometer Lorne client action req
4/10/14 Florian Schoeggl design/build an equipment control rack Bernie completed
4/22/14 Maria Josefina Perez de Scott Automation of a Pilot Plant w/ labview Mike client action req
4/22/14 Mark hancock look at a servomax analyzer TBA to be scheduled
5/13/14 Breanna Borys Labview for Oxygen Probe Kary client action req
5/22/14 Krishna Panchalingam leak in a steam junctions TBA to be scheduled
5/27/14 Edward Song setup motor for microbioreactor TBA to be scheduled
5/29/14 Ranjani, Kannaiyan computer power problem Andrew completed
6/04/14 Mark hancock bellows system issues TBA to be scheduled
6/17/14 Maryam Ashtari 2 automated on-off valves setup TBA to be scheduled
6/18/14 Florian Schoeggl Labview licensing and new PC setup Mike in progress
6/21/14 Peng He 2 power outlets in C34 TBA to be scheduled
6/23/14 Vahid Asili computer access and internet Andrew in progress
6/30/14 Azfar Hassan Instrument computer for lab Andrew completed