University of Calgary
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Research Facilities

The Department of Geomatics Engineering houses extensive and unique research laboratories and facilities:

  • Gravity and Satellite Altimetry Lab
  • Geocomputing Lab
  • Navigation Lab
  • Navigation Lab Observatory
  • Wireless Location
  • Satellite Lab
  • Satellite Lab II
  • GeoSensor Web Lab
  • Mobile Multi-Sensor Systems
  • Geospatial Intelligence Lab
  • Digital Photogrammetry Research Group
  • Positioning and Mobile Information Systems
  • Earth Observation for Environment Laboratory
  • Land Tenure and Cadastral Systems
  • GIS/GeoComputation Mobility
  • Intelligent Geospatial Data Mining Lab
  • Precise Engineering and Deformation Surveys Lab
  • Imaging Metrology Lab
  • Micro Computer Lab
  • GIS/RS Lab
  • BioGeoScience Institute KFS Barrier Lake