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Research Facilities

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering houses extensive and unique research laboratories and facilities:

  • Biofilm Engineering Research Lab
  • Autonomous Reconfigurable Robotic Systems Laboratory
  • Micro Engineering Dynamics and Automation Lab (MEDAL)
  • Corrosion Science and Electrochemical Technology Research Lab
  • Nanoscale Technology and Engineering Laboratory
  • Healthcare Operational Excellence (HOPE) Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Research in Air Pollution
  • Laboratory for Turbulence Research in Aerodynamics and flow Control
  • Product Design and Realization Laboratory
  • Diffusion Bonding and Joining Laboratory
  • Microsystems Dynamics Laboratory (MDL)
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Wind Tunnel Research Cluster
  • Internal Combustion Testing Facility
  • Multiphase Flow Research Laboratory
  • BOSE Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Technology Development Centre
  • Nano/Micro-Sensors and Sensing System (NMSSS) Laboratory