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Studying is only the beginning.

Our engineering school has the most dynamic and engaging extra-curricular activities on campus. We have more than 80 engineering student-run clubs and teams across a wide range of interests.

Join student clubs the University of Calgary Solar Car Team, compete in events such as the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race or help others by joining Engineers Without Borders or Homes of Hope.  Apply your knowledge, develop your collaboration skills and make friends.

Looking for funding for field trips, team competitions and travel? Our Schulich Student Activities Fund can help. 

Meet Abhishek Khosla

“My experience at Schulich has been very rewarding. Through all the clubs offered, my education was significantly enhanced, having the ability to implement what I learn in the classroom into real life and understanding the materials being taught much better. Through clubs, I have the chance to explore what I enjoy as an engineer and what I’d like to pursue after my education.”

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