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Engineering Programs at Schulich

Not sure which degree program is right for you? View our degree program videos to learn more about the diverse fields of study and endless opportunities in engineering.

Chemical Engineering

Involves transforming raw materials into useful products whether those products are used in oil and gas, manufacturing or in the emerging field of biomedical engineering.


Civil Engineering

Involves the design, construction and maintenance of almost every aspect of our man-made and natural environments. It’s a diverse field with many great opportunities.


Electrical Engineering

Touches virtually every facet of today’s high-tech world. Electrical engineering concepts are used extensively in telecommunication, technology, information processing, imaging and electrical power systems.


Geomatics Engineering

A varied and exciting technology discipline that requires a combination of design, computer and measurement skills. Geomatics engineers conduct field work, lab experiments and computer modelling to solve a variety of problems that have a common attribute: spatial location.


Mechanical Engineering

Involves the design and operation of any kind of machine whether it’s a wind turbine or a car. It’s one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines and is used in virtually every type of industry.


Oil and Gas Engineering

Focuses on finding innovative, economical and environmentally sustainable ways to explore, develop and produce oil and gas. The industry is growing and evolving and offers many exciting career opportunities.


Software Engineering

Involves putting intelligence and reliability into the computing devices and systems our modern world relies on. Software engineers are involved in every phase of software development from coding the software to designing the processes required to design, test and develop it.