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Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning offers strategies to create a more inclusive and respectful learning environment as part of Diversity Week activities
Marjan Eggermont
Foothills: Ucalgary students firing engine at Rothney Observatory this spring
The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) could be the largest technological revolution ever, with far-reaching implications for consumers and industry alike.
The labs at the University of Calgary’s Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) Engineering Complex are not just any labs: they are brand-new, high-intensity research labs, designed to bolster a “collaborative learning space”


Sheliza Kassam started her own charitable organization called Children’s Birthday Miracles when she was 15 years old
The success of a $75 million federal funding injection into the University of Calgary will be measured in a way that is not “business as usual” for academia, says one of the school’s lead energy researchers.
Calgary and its surrounding area is full of creative people and beautiful pieces of art. Here is just one piece you should know about.
The Schulich School of Engineering researchers, Ke Du and Simon Park, will be identifying pollution around the oilsands, and in Calgary and Edmonton.
Assistant professor in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Dr. Ke Du, says this source of government funding will help the Schulich School of Engineering quantify carbon emissions on a larger scale.
New link between psoriasis and depression, and subsequent development of psoriatic arthritis, calls for better mental health assessment
Nancy Whelan
Sign up now to attend the bonfire kickoff on Feb. 21 in the Taylor Quad
Lisa Rowson