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Dean's Office Contacts

Name Position Contact Information

Dean's Office

Dr. William (Bill) Rosehart Dean, Schulich School of Engineering 403-220-5731
Bethe Andreasen Director, Business Operations 403-210-5407
Ivana D'Adamo Executive Assistant to the Dean 403-220-7728
Robyn Paul Manager, Strategic Planning 403-210-7126
Courtney Tait Administrative Assistant 403-220-5738
Angyue Liu Administrative Coordinator 403-210-6657

Associate Deans

Marjan Eggermont Associate Dean (Student Affairs) 403-220-4952
Dr. Anders Nygren Associate Dean (Academic and Planning) 403-220-4192
Dr. Jocelyn Grozic Associate Dean (Research) 403-220-5592
Dr. Qiao Sun Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) 403-220-4141
Dr. Arin Sen Associate Dean
(Student Professional Development)
Ganna Melekh Administrative Coordinator 403-220-2738
Emily Wyatt Specialist, Diversity & Student Professional Development 403-210-7289
Hailee Turpin Community Outreach and Student Recruitment Specialist 403-210-6653
Alison Barrett Cybermentor Coordinator 403-210-6663

Marketing and Communications

Sarah McGinnis Manager, Marketing and Communications 403-220-5698
Michael Platt Media Relations Specialist 403-210-6719
Nicole Dunsdon Communications Specialist 403-210-7326
Marion Iwanyk Marketing Communications Officer 403-210-6727
Lisa Jeannet Digital Specialist 403-210-8480


Pam Bergsteinsson Manager, Alumni Relations 403-220-2548


Senior Director of Development (Vacant)
Ainsley Grant Director of Development 403-220-5781
Lauren Ellis Associate Director of Development 403-220-2955
Mira Boucher Associate Director of Development (On leave)
Sharon Kilbourn Donor Engagement Advisor 403-220-8490
Melissa Ferrao Development Coordinator 403-210-6279

Finance, HR, IT and Faculty Services

Jane Gao Finance Partner 403-220-5977
Sarah Lee Analyst, Finance Services 403-210-7176
Amy Roe Specialist, Academic Recruitment, Talent Acquisition 403-210-6605
Lisa Rothwell HR Partner 403-220-4083
Jennifer Tetrault HR Advisor (MaPS/AUPE) 403-220-8168
Stephanie Olson HR Academic Advisor 403-220-7564
Stella George Senior Consultant, Talent Development 403-210-8595
Michael Pflug Manager, Client Technologies: Zone B 403-220-4576
Matt Robertson Environmental Health and Safety Consultant 403-220-6365

Engineering Career Services

Jenny Cruickshank Manager 403-220-8821
Marcy Crandle Engineering Career Centre Advisor 403-220-3089
Candice Menger Employer Specialist 403-220-5427
Alya Jinah Industry Relations Specialist 403-220-6848 
Rebecca Cowan Business Process Coordinator 403-220-5733
Tammy Wong, P.Eng. Employer Specialist 403-210-9167

Engineering Student Centre

Jodi Stroh Manager, Engineering Student Centre 403-220-2947
Lorraine Ewert Senior Admissions Officer 403-220-3743
Sandra James Student Advisor 403-220-7841
Carla Grundison Sr. Scheduling Officer 403-220-4334
Kari Coleman Student Advisor, Devon Academic Resource Centre 403-220-5546
Anna Bogatyrev Student Advisor 403-220-5180
Mirella Chiappe Student Advisor 403-220-5734
Pilar Beltran Administrative Assistant 403-220-5732
Kristal Turner Student Advisor, International Admissions 403-220-7966