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Hua Song

Faculty Listing

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Hua Song


Assistant Professor

(403) 220-3792

ENB 204E


Working Experiences:

  • Research Chemical Engineer II at Research Triangle Institute (January 2011 ~ June 2012)
  • Lead Research Engineer at Research Center of Babcock & Wilcox (June, 2009-December 2010)
Research Activities: 

Heterogeneous catalysis and its applications in energy and emission control including:

  • Natural gas storage and utilization
  • Catalytic Heavy crude oil upgrading
  • CO2 capture and utilization
  • Solid (coal and biomass) gasification
  • Hazardous pollutants removal
  • Steam Reforming

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Song, H., Zhang, L., Ozkan, U.S., “The effect of Surface Acidic and Basic Properties on Ethanol Steam Reforming Performance of Co-based Catalysts”, Topics in Catalysis, (2012) 55 (19-20), 1324-1331
  • Song, H., Ozkan, U.S., “Adsorption/Desorption Behavior of Ethanol Steam Reforming Reaction Products and Intermediates over Supported Cobalt Catalysts”, Catalysis Letters, (2011) 141 (1), 43-54
  • Song, H., Zhang, L., Ozkan, U.S., “Investigation of the Reaction Network in Ethanol Steam Reforming over Supported Cobalt Catalysts”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, (2010) 49 (19) 8984-8989
  • Song,  H.,  Mirkelamoglu,  B.,  Ozkan,  U.S.,  “Effect  of  Cobalt  Precursor  on  the  Performance  of  Ceria- Supported Cobalt Catalysts for Ethanol Steam Reforming”, Applied Catalysis A: General (2010) 382 (1), 58-64
  • Song,  H.,  Ozkan,  U.S.,  “Changing  the  Oxygen  Mobility  in  Co/Ceria  Catalysts  by  Ca  Incorporation: Implications for Ethanol Steam Reforming”, Journal of Physical Chemistry A: General (2010) 114 (11) 3796-3801
  • Song,  H., Ozkan, U.S., “The Role of Impregnation Medium on the Activity of Ceria-supported Cobalt Catalysts for Ethanol Steam Reforming”, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical (2010) 318(1-2), 21-29
  • Song, H., Ozkan, U.S., “Economic Analysis of Hydrogen Production through a Bio-ethanol Steam Reforming Process: Sensitivity Analyses and Cost Estimations”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2010) 35, 127-134
  • Song, H., Tan, B., Ozkan, U.S., “Novel Synthesis Techniques for Preparation of Co/CeO2 as Ethanol Steam Reforming Catalysts”, Catalysis Letter (2009) 132(3-4), 422-429
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  • Song, H., Zhang, L., Ozkan, U.S., “Effect of Synthesis Parameters on the Catalytic Activity of Co/ZrO2  for Bio-ethanol Steam Reforming”, Green Chemistry (2007) 9, 686-694
  • Song,  H., Chen, F.M., “Separation of Soybean Phospholipids by Column Chromatography”, Zhongguo Youzhi (2005), 30(2), 41-43
  • Song, H., Chen, F.M., “New Continuous Preparative Chromatography for Multi-Component Separation: Array Column Chromatography”, Huaxue Gongye Yu Gongcheng (2005), 22(2), 148-153

Books and Book Chapters:

  • Song, H., “Catalytic Hydrogen Production from Bioethanol”, Bioethanol, ISBN: 978-953-51-0008-9, Rijeka, Croatia: InTech
  • Song, H., Catalytic Hydrogen Production from Bioethanol, ISBN: 978-3-639-34441-7, Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM


  • Behrooz Ghorishi, Luis G. Velazquez-Vargas,  Hua Song, Lei Ji. A novel Redox method for capture of total gaseous mercury by wet FGD. U.S. 8,092,766 B2
  • Chen, Fuming;  Song, Hua. Array type continuously preparative chromatographic system and application. Faming Zhuanli Shenqing Gongkai Shuomingshu (2005), 11 pp. CN 1598568A
  • Chen,  Fuming;   Song,  Hua.  Collecter  exclusively  designed  for  array  type  continuously preparative chromatography. CN 2645080Y

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, P.R. China (2001)
M.Eng. Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China (2004)
Ph.D . Chemical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, U.S.A (2009)