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Jalal Abedi

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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Jalal Abedi



(403) 220-5594

CCIT 224


NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Solvent Enhanced Recovery Processes

By improved understanding of the fundamentals of how solvents interact with heavy oil and affect its recovery, Dr. Abedi is enabling better prediction of in situ extraction process performance. His work is developing new solvent-assisted recovery methods that will use less energy and less water to extract the oil we need.

Jalal Abedi

Dr. Jalal Abedi joined Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2004. Dr. Abedi has also served as a petroleum consultant in the North America and the Middle East. He is the principle investigator of SHARP (solvent/heat assisted recovery processes) Research Consortium at the University of Calgary. He has authored or co-authored more than 120 papers and has received the prestigious recognitions from academia and industry through various awards. In 2013, he was nominated by his peers and selected as a Distinguished Lecturer for the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program (2014-15). As a result, Dr. Abedi is sharing his knowledge on the next generation of energy efficient, low-water usage, heavy oil recovery methods with SPE members through visits to local sections.

Cross Appointments and Affiliations:

Selected Awards:

  • 2014 – U Make A Difference Award, University of Calgary
  • 2014 – SPE Distinguished Lecturer
  • 2013 – SSE Outstanding Research Excellence Award, Schulich School of Engineering
  • 2013 – Department Research Excellence Award, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • 2013 – SPE Regional Distinguished Achievement Award
Research Activities: 

Dr. Abedi works on issues relating to energy and environment. His areas of expertise are phase behaviour of heavy oils/solvents, biomass/waste gasification and pyrolysis, and biofuel production. He is currently conducting research studies on solvent solubility in bitumen and phase behaviours and biomass pyrolysis to produce bio-oil and hydrogen. His research work involves the use of high performance computing and modelling.

Selected Publications:

Nourozieh, H., Kariznovi, M., Abedi, J. Measurement and modeling of solubility and saturated liquid density and viscosity for methane/Athabasca bitumen mixtures, SPE Journal, Vol. 21, No 1, 2016

Bayestehparvin, B., Abedi, J., Correlative scheme for predicting carbon dioxide solubility in fractioned bitumen, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. 94, No 6, 1148-1157, 2016

Ma, M., Chen, S., Abedi, J., Binary interaction coefficients of asymmetric CH4, C2H6, and CO2 with high n-alkanes for the simplified PC-SAFT correlation and prediction, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 405, 114-123, 2015

Zirrahi, M., Azinfar, B., Hassanzadeh, H., Abedi, J., Measuring and Modeling the Solubility and Density for CO2-Toluene and C2H6-Toluene Systems, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 60, 6, 1592–1599, 2015


Dr. Abedi has taught various courses in different educational institutions. He has taught courses in the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Calgary.


  • ENPE 531 – Design for Oil and Gas Engineering II
  • ENPE 523 – Introduction to Reservoir Engineering
  • ENPE 511 – Design for Oil and Gas Engineering I
  • ENCH 401 – Analysis of Chemical and Oil and Gas Processes
  • ENGG 201 – Behaviour of Liquids, Gases and Solids


  • ENEN 601 – Research Seminar in Environmental Engineering
  • ENCH 701 / ENEN 621 – Error Analysis and Experimental Design
  • ENEN 625 – Computational Methods for Environmental Engineering

PhD, University of Toronto

MASc, University of Toronto

BSc, Abadan Institute of Technology


Graduate Program Affiliations: 

Currently, Dr. Abedi has no new openings. Please visit SHARP for more information.