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Kunal Karan

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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Kunal Karan



(403) 220-5754



Associate Director CAESR (Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research) Group

Research Activities: 

Catalysis/Fuel Cells

Dr. Karan's research is motivated by the global challenges of harnessing energy resources and minimizing their environmental impact. A significant focus of his research is the development of cleaner energy conversion and storage (ECS) technologies such as fuel cells, water electrolyzers, batteries and capacitors. Current research activities span both computational modeling and experimental characterization of the ECS device components and their constituent materials at multiple length scales – from atomistic/molecular (molecules on surface) to meso-scale (porous media) to macro-scale (device level). A central focus of this research is unraveling the structure-properties-performance of these systems with an objective of engineering high performance and cheaper ECS devices.

Dr. Karan is rebuilding research capabilities for probing interfacial structure and phenomena pertinent to heavy oil recovery, production and transportation. Topics of interest include – interaction of organic solids (asphaltenes and waxes) with surfaces and interfacial energy of oil/solvent systems.


Ph.D. (U. Calgary) 1998
M.Sc. (U. Calgary) 1994
B.Tech (IIT-BHU, India) 1992