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Norm Bartley

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Norm Bartley


Senior Instructor

(403) 220-5060

ICT 306


Mr. Norm Bartley received BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1976 and 1978, respectively. From the time of graduation until July 1998, he had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Len Bruton as his full-time Research Assistant. They have together carried out research in M-D and 1-D signal processing here at the University of Calgary (1979-1983, 1985-1998), and for two years in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria (1984-1985). The research has led to a book chapter and more than 30 refereed journal and conference papers.

Currently, Mr. Bartley is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His primary responsibility in this position is teaching at the undergraduate level, which he thoroughly enjoys. He is also the Undergraduate Program Director for Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Cross Appointments and Affiliations:

  • Program Director, Undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Departmental Communications & Signal Processing Subject Group
  • Departmental Circuits & Electronics Subject Group

Selected Awards:

30 teaching awards, including:

  • University of Calgary Teaching Award (Full-Time Academic Staff), 2015
  • Hall of Fame Inductee, University of Calgary Students’ Union Teaching Excellence (2015)
  • Four University of Calgary Student’s Union Teaching Excellence Awards (2004, 2011, 2013, 2015); three more Honourable Mention Awards (2002, 2005-2006)
  • Nine ESS Awards for Outstanding Teaching Excellence in Second-Year Engineering (2004, 2006-2011, 2014-2015); three more in First-Year Engineering (2007, 2013, 2015)
  • Three Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Teaching Excellence Awards (2000, 2004, 2012)
  • SSE Common-Core Teaching Excellence Award (2013)
  • Two overall SSE Teaching Excellence Awards (2004, 2012)
Research Activities: 

Digital signal processing; multi-dimensional circuits and systems.

Selected Publications:

L. T. Bruton and N. R. Bartley, "Using nonessential singularities of the second kind in two-dimensional filter design," IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-36, No. 1, pp. 113-116, January 1989.

L. T. Bruton and N. R. Bartley, "The tracking and enhancement of moving objects in digital images using adaptive three-dimensional recursive filters" IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-33, No. 6, pp. 604-613, June 1986.

L. T. Bruton and N. R. Bartley, "Applications of Complex Filters to Realize Three-Dimensional Combined DFT/LDE Transfer Functions," IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-39, No. 6, pp. 391-394, June 1992.


Mr. Bartley’s primary responsibility is teaching at the undergraduate level. He teaches the following courses:

  • ENGG 225 – Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits and Machines
  • ENEL 353 – Digital Circuits
  • ENCM 369 – Computer Organization
  • ENEL 593 – Digital Filters

MSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary (1978)

BSc,Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary (1976)

Graduate Program Affiliations: 

Not currently active in research; not currently recruiting any students.