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Roes (Arief) Budiman

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Mechanical and Manufacturing

Roes (Arief) Budiman


Senior Instructor

(403) 220-6171

ME 412

Research Activities: 
Nano-MEMS, Design and materials

Areas of Research

He is working on molecular-level modeling of thermal power plants, especially on the physics of rotating fluids and the phase change (liquid to gas and the opposite) as working fluid flows in heat exchangers and condensers.

Research Opportunities

Please contact Dr. Budiman for graduate studentship. He is looking for top students with strong analytical/computational skills

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  • D. C. Bay, R. A. Budiman, M. P. Nieh, and R. J. Turner, "Multimeric forms of the small multidrug resistance protein EmrE in anionic detergent," Biochim. et Biophys. Acta 1798, 526 (2010).
  • D. Lo and R. A. Budiman, "Fabrication and characterization of porous anodic alumina films from impure aluminum foils," J. Electrochem. Soc. 154, C60 (2007).
  • K. Walus, R. A. Budiman, and G. A. Jullien, "Impurity charging in semiconductor QCA," Nanotechnology 16, 2525 (2005).
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