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Ron Chik-Kwong Wong

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Civil Engineering

Ron Chik-Kwong Wong


Professor, Department Head

(403) 220-4998

ENF 272


P. Eng., C. Eng.


  • 2001 Department Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2001 Common Core Programme Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2000 Department Research Excellence Award
Research Activities: 

Dr. Wong is involved in the research application of soil, rock and fluid mechanics to geotechnical, petroleum, mining and geo-environmental engineering.

Current research activities are as follows:

  • Strain-induced hydraulic conductivity properties of granular and fractured media: Understanding of changes in permeability due to induced strains are important for development of heavy oil and conventional recovery processes.
  • Engineering properties of clay shale: Instability in slope construction, underground excavation and drilled wellbore are commonly encountered in clay shale formation. Experiments are being conducted to investigate the swelling mechanism, softening in stiffness and weakening in strength, and time-dependent creep behaviour of shale.
  • Gas exsolution in heavy oil reservoir: The main objectives of the research are to experimentally investigate the foamy heavy oil flow behaviour and the sand production in primary production of heavy oil. The research program will provide a better understanding of the recovery process, thereby improving strategies for the commercial development and exploitation of the heavy oil reservoirs.
  • Coupled geomechanics - reservoir simulation: Innovative iterative numerical schemes are being developed to couple geomechanics and reservoir solvers. The coupled program will be used to study thermal recovery processes in heavy oil reservoirs.
  • Solid waste injection in disposal well: Physical models of multi-phase flow are being conducted to understand the transport of fine solid and emulsion in granular media. Practical applications can be found in drilling waste and petroleum engineering industries.
  • Hydrocarbon contaminant transport in unsaturated soil: Centrifuge tests are being conducted to study the diffusion of light- and heavy-ends of HC in unsaturated silt.
  • Oil sand tailing management: Several methods are being studied to speed up the consolidation of fine tailing from oil sand surface mining. This research has significant impact on environment.
  • Interfacial interaction in visco-elastic geomaterials: This study is aimed to define the loading criteria for initiation of fracturing or discontinuity deformation at the interface between two different geomaterials.
  • Large deformation in peat: This project analyzes large deformation problems (settlement and piping) in peat induced by construction.
  • Computer tomography scanning: CT scanning is being used to quantify the changes in fabric of geomaterials (e.g., shale, sand, and concrete) under drained and undrained loading conditions.

Dr. Wong also has interest in pursuing research in other areas related to granular flow, frozen soil engineering, soil-structure (dynamic) interaction and tunneling.

B.Eng. (McMaster) 1977
Ph.D. (Alberta) 1986