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William (Bill) Svrcek

Emeritus Listing

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

William (Bill) Svrcek


Professor Emeritus


END 204L




2006 - inducted as a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

The PEGG March 2001 - U of C Engineers Create a New Approach for Process Control Education

Other professional activities

Dr. Svrcek is a Professional Engineer (Alberta and Ontario) and a member of various professional societies (CSChE, AIChE, ISA and CGPA). He was the Program Chairman for the 1994 Annual CSChE meeting held in Calgary, Alberta.

Research Activities: 

DR SVRCEK has been involved for many years in the areas of Process Simulation, Process Control, Process Design and measurement/prediction of physical/transport properties. Research in the area of transport properties resulted in the commissioning of a unique apparatus for the measurement of the viscosity and gas solubility of heavy oil/gas systems. In the area of Process Design, design methods have been developed for sizing two and three phase separators, which have been well received by industry world wide. Recently a model was developed for the prediction of the onset, amount and particle size distribution of asphaltenes formed in bitumen (heavy oil)/diluent systems. The continuation of this research area has resulted in the design and commissioning of a Flow Loop that will be used to measure ashphaltene formation and precipitation in a flowing environment.

1. A detailed model for the prediction of pure component liquid and gas viscosities has been developed. The statistical mechanics based model incorporates group contribution to generalize the model predictions.

2. A kinetic model for the main reactions which occur in the Modified Claus Process Reaction Furnace is being developed. These reactions occur at very high temperatures which required a specialized apparatus be built and required advanced computation techniques such as Simulated Annealing to develop the model parameters.

3. In this program, "Application of Nonlinear Control Algorithms in Plantwide Control", we are trying to tailor some of the efficient nonlinear control algorithms such as Input/Output Linearization (Differential Geometric) Methods, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) and Artificial Intelligence based control for plantwide control and evaluate their performances against each other and the standard PID linear control algorithms.

4. Development of an "Open Source" Process Simulator using standard software tools such as VBA, EXCEL, VISTO and Object Oriented Programming languages such as C++ and Python.

B.Sc. (Alberta) 1962
Ph.D. (Alberta) 1967