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Research that makes a difference

Schulich is celebrating the work of eight prestigious Industrial Research Chairs dedicated to finding energy and environmental innovations that can transform our society for generations to come.

Learn more about their work.

Energy Innovation

Hear from our Industrial Research Chairs how their work is helping create a more sustainable energy sector, finding ways to improve oil recovery while using less water and energy to do so.


Environmental Innovation

Listen as our Industrial Research Chairs describe how their work into renewable energy, carbon capture and improved wastewater treatment processes is having a positive impact on the environment.


Dr. Jalal Abedi

NSERC IRC in Solvent Enhanced Recovery Processes

 By improved understanding of the fundamentals of how solvents interact with heavy oil and affect its recovery, he is enabling better prediction of in situ extraction process performance.


Dr. Zhangxing (John) Chen

NSERC/AITF/Foundation CMG Industrial Research Chair in Reservoir Simulation

By simulating oil recovery processes using state-of-the-art computational and visualization techniques and equipment, he is improving the ability of computer models to identify risk and study feasibility before new processes are put into practice.


Dr. Apostolos Kantzas

NSERC/AITF IRC in Modelling Fundamentals of Unconventional Resources

By examining rocks at the pore level using advanced imaging and rock analysis tools, he is increasing the understanding of how this oil is transported in unconventional reservoirs.


Dr. Nader Mahinpey

NSERC IRC in Novel CO2 Capture Technologies for Oil Sands Operations

By developing novel materials and innovative technologies to capture carbon dioxide for storage or conversion to other materials, he is working to reduce Alberta’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Dr. Joo-Hwa (Andrew) Tay

NSERC/City of Calgary IRC in Advanced Technologies for Wastewater Treatment

By using advanced oxidation and biological wastewater treatment technologies, he is developing new approaches to treat and remove unwanted chemicals and additional nutrients from wastewater.


Dr. David Wood

NSERC/ENMAX IRC in Renewable Energy

By using a wind tunnel to study wind loads on solar photovoltaic modules and exploring the potential use for wind turbines in an urban environment, he is improving the effectiveness of renewable energy systems.


Dr. Harvey Yarranton

NSERC IRC in Heavy Oil Properties and Processing

By measuring and modeling the phase behavior and properties of heavy oil that has been processed or mixed with solvents, he is providing fluid models for process simulation.