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May 28, 2017
Lisha Hassanali

2016 marks 50 years of the University of Calgary being part of this vibrant, energetic city and we have a great deal to celebrate. ...More

Lisha Hassanali

Beakerhead has attracted attention from around the world for its unique smash up of art, science and engineering. ...More

Schulich Engineer

On April 1, 2014, Bill Rosehart was appointed dean of the Schulich School of Engineering after serving previously as interim dean and department head of Electrical and Computer Engi ...More

Lisha Hassanali

It’s a chance to step out of the classroom and explore the wonders of engineering. ...More

Kelsy Norman

UCalgary Alumni’s podcast, Peer Review, features grads in conversation about great moments, big ideas and post-university life. ...More

Lisha Hassanali

Four years ago, rushing out the door for an early morning appointment, Aram Razouki found himself in a wrinkled shirt not necessarily looking his best. ...More

Sarah McGinnis

Debating the future of Alberta’s deregulated power industry brought nearly 400 people out to the annual Distinguished Speakers Panel hosted by the ...More

Jennifer Allford and Lisha Hassanali

“Is a paperclip considered a screw?” a girl asks as her team discusses the rules for designing a gadget to launch a ping pong ball across the room. ...More

Deb Cummings, Alumni Relations Office

There are many misconceptions about the past and future of Alberta’s power costs and policies. ...More

Lisha Hassanali

The winds may be changing when it comes to renewable energy as Schulich School of Engineering research pushes t ...More