Early Research Excellence Award

Award criteria

Awarded biennially, in the years between the Research Excellence Awards, to non-tenured recipients who have made substantial research contributions over the previous two years.


Chemical and Petroleum: Sathish Ponnurangam
Civil:  Markus Dann
Electrical and Computer: Majid Pahlevani
Geomatics: Mozhdeh Shahbazi
Mechanical and Manufacturing: Amir Sanati Nezhad


Chemical and Petroleum: Nashaat Nassar
Civil: Jianxun (Jennifer) He
Mechanical and Manufacturing: Seonghwan (Sam) Kim


Chemical and Petroleum: Hassan Hassanzadeh 
Electrical and Computer: Kartikeya Murari
Geomatics: Ruisheng Wang


Chemical and Petroleum: Nader Mahinpey
Civil: Carolyn Anglin
Electrical and Computer: Mohamed Halaoui
Geomatics: Steve Liang
Mechanical and Manufacturing: David Rival


Chemical and Petroleum: Alex De Visscher
Civil: Lina Kattan
Electrical and Computer: Hamid Zareipour
Geomatics: Mark Petovello
Mechanical and Manufacturing: Salvatore Federico


Chemical and Petroleum: Ian Gates
Civil: Raafat El-Hacha
Electrical and Computer: Geoffrey Messier
Geomatics: Alexander Braun
Mechanical and Manufacturing: Chao Tan