Championing Inclusivity and Diversity

Staff "Shout Out " Awards

Award criteria

Up to 10 awards are available annually to support staff and managers in the Schulich School of Engineering who have, in an exemplary fashion, championed inclusivity and diversity in the Schulich School of Engineering.

  • Recognizes and embraces diversity within SSE
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to the specific needs and challenges of under-represented groups within SSE
  • Communicates, volunteers and champions SSE’s commitment to inclusivity within the SSE community and the community at large
  • Contributes to making SSE a welcoming environment in which to work and study



Alison Barrett
Dana Miller


Tanya Brucker
Jennifer Whitnall
Courtney Canivet
Alison Barrett
Patti Evans


Fatima Abdul-Halim
Alison Barrett
June Au Yeung
Emily Wyatt