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Discover Engineering workshops:

The Schulich School of Engineering has re-designed and adapted our outreach programs to mitigate the impact of social distancing on our connectivity. We are pleased to offer online class visits, this year covering four curriculum-related topics.

Or, if you have any other topics in mind, please let us know.

Designing a Sustainable Future with Engineering

Discover the world of renewable energy, sustainability, and international development in engineering! Students will learn how engineers are creating technologies to convert wind, solar and hydro energy to power homes in remote villages. This includes a project funded by Grand Challenges Canada, using renewable power sources to boil water and cook food overnight.

Biomimicry: The Nature of Engineering

Join us to learn about bio-mimicry in engineering - mimicking the solutions found in nature to solve the problems we grapple with today. From the invention of Velcro to the design of aquatic vehicles, engineers often will look to nature for inspiration. Additionally, you will learn about the process of 3D printing and take your own biomimetic gear home! 

Women in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the world we live in. It can help us create better engineering designs, use less materials and energy, and result in more reliable, sustainable outcomes. On the flip side, it can also lead to societal issues if not used the right way. This talk will feature the research of female researchers and how solutions using AI can be developed to achieve positive outcomes.

Bioengineering, Medicine, and Health Science

Discover what it means to be a biomedical engineer and design solutions that are advancing health care practices and saving lives. Students will hear about the cool applications, projects and competitions happening on campus including: 3D printed prosthetics, stem cell therapies and robotic surgery tools. 

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If you are interested in hosting a 30 to 50 minute Discover Engineering workshop in your class, please complete the form below. If you would like two or more topics, we could schedule multiple visits or combine them into a slightly longer presentation. We're flexible, and will work around your schedule.  

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Kathleen Ang - Biomedical Engineering Student

Biology pathway into engineering

Our Bioengineering Summer Institute enables students who took high school biology to apply for engineering. This summer program creates a pathway to engineering, covering physics fundamentals and bioengineering concepts.