Strategic Plan

Catalyst for a Connected World is Schulich’s strategic vision, guiding our priorities and benchmarking our successes.

The pace of change today is unprecedented. As engineers, it’s up to us to be catalysts for innovation in a more connected world.

Dr. Bill Rosehart, PhD

Dean, Schulich School of Engineering

How we measure success

On Nov. 13, 2019, the Schulich School of Engineering launched its 2019–2022 Strategic Plan Catalyst for a Connected World.

The vision identifies three priorities:

Enhancing global research impact

We will accelerate research innovation by matching strengths with opportunities, becoming internationally recognized research leaders and changing lives.

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Expanding access to engineering

We will increase access to engineering by fostering a welcoming culture, establishing new paths into engineering and engaging our community to help engineers take their careers in new directions.

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Enriching the student experience

We will amplify student opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, focus on helping graduates launch their careers, and support student mental health and resiliency.

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Driving positive change

As part of our strategic plan we have launched a series of new initiatives:


Engineering our digital ecosystem

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Schulich Innovates

Engineering research impact

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Schulich Wellness

Engineering student resiliency

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Maker Multiplex

Where creative ideas
come to life

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Engineering leadership and entrepreneurial spirit

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