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Biomedical engineering minor for undergraduates

About the minor

In the first year, biomedical engineering students complete the same common core courses as all other first-year engineering students. Students apply for admission to the biomedical engineering minor in February of that first year. Admission to the biomedical engineering minor is limited to approximately 35 students per year and is based on academic performance. A few additional students are also admitted through a holistic process where they submit an essay along with their academic records. 

Completion of the minor in biomedical engineering involves eight specific courses. When considered along with the engineering major, only three additional classes are required.

Aortic tissue testing

Career pathways

Biomedical engineers study, design, develop, evaluate, manage, and support biological and medical systems and products  things like artificial organs, prostheses, medical instruments and information systems. They work with scientists, researchers, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists and therapists. 

Graduates can focus on:

  • Bioinformatics and bioinstrumentation
  • Biomaterials and biomechanics
  • Bio-nano engineering and biophotonics
  • Biosensors and medical imaging
  • Cellular and tissue engineering
  • Electrophysiology and robotics
  • Clinical or therapeutic engineering
  • Health care systems and systems physiology

Fear Lab - Diagnosing Cancer and Dehydration

Required courses

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (BMEN 301)

Course details

Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers (BMEN 309)

Course details

Fundamentals of Biomedical Device Design (BMEN 401)

Course details

Biomedical Engineering Research Thesis (BMEN 500) or Biomedical Engineering Project (BMEN 501)

Course details


Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Applications (BMEN 509)

Course details

Biomaterials and Biocompatibility (BMEN 511)

Course details

Bioengineering Methods in Systems Biology and Physiology (BMEN 515)

Course details

Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering (BMEN 519)

Course details

Biomechanics of Tissues (BMEN 525)

Course details

Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Engineering (BMEN 585)

Course details

Principles of Biochemical Engineering (ENCH 535)

Course details

Biomechanics of Movement (BMEN 523)

Course details

Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems (ENMF 529)

Course details

Fundamentals of Biometric System Design (ENCM 509)

Course details

Embedded System Interfacing (ENCM 511)

Course details

Imagers and Integrated Micro and Nanotechnology Sensory Systems (ENEL 619.26)

Course details

Electronic Systems and Applications (ENEL 569)

Course details

Optical Instrumentation (ENEL 606)

Theory and Practice Advanced DSP Processor Architecture (ENEL 653)

Course details

Introduction to Image Analysis and Computer Vision (CPSC 535)

Course details

Emergent Computing (CPSC 565)

Course details

Biometric Technologies (CMSC 697)

Course details

Bio-Inspired Engineering (ENGG 523)

Course details

Practicum requirement

To complete a biomechanical engineering specialization, students engage in a practicum - paid work or research experience. This can happen in one of the following ways:

Engineering internship

Students complete a minimum four-month paid internship in a biomedical engineering industry job plus either the biomedical engineering thesis (BMEN 500) or project (BMEN 501) course. Internship placements are coordinated through our Engineering Career Centre.

Research experience

Students combine a minimum of four-months of research experience in a biomedical engineering research facility with either the biomedical engineering thesis (BMEN 500) or project (BMEN 501) course. 

Research thesis

Students conduct an independent research project (BMEN 500) with the guidance of a supervisor. This commitment of 105 to 158 hours starts with a research proposal, involves completing a study and culminates in a thesis presentation.

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