Schulich Alumni Leadership Excellence Award

Recognizing our valued alumni who demonstrate:

  • Sustained leadership resulting in significant change or advancement through activities in engineering-related business, industry and/or the education sectors
  • Recognition at the local, national and/or international levels for engineering leadership accomplishments

  • Contributions to public education and understanding of the role played by professional engineers in society

  • Service to community as evidenced by participation in commissions, community initiatives, volunteer organizations or other unpaid work

  • Accomplishments serve as an example to the engineering community

  • Qualities that serve as an inspiration to engineering and the Schulich School of Engineering community

2021 Alumni Leadership Excellence Award recipient

Judy Fairburn

Judy Fairburn

BSc (Eng)'85, MSc (Eng)'88

Past recipients

Terri Steeves, BSc (Eng)'90

Terri Steeves, BSc (Eng)'90


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Pat Cerlson

Pat Carlson, BSc (Eng)'75


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Cheryl Sandercock

Cheryl Sandercock, BSc (Eng)’90



Ian Herring