Abdulmajeed Mohamad

Interim Director

Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

PhD - School of Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University

MSc - College of Engineering

Baghdad University

BSc - College of Engineering

Baghdad University

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Office: 403.220.2781


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB407

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Fuel Science and Technology

Computational Methods for Engineers

Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

Heat Transfer

Fluid Mechanics

Thermal System Analysis

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Research areas

  • Energy engineering
  • Solar energy
  • Energy conversion and storage
  • Thermal
  • Biosystems and biomedical engineering
  • Microfluidic and nano technology
  • Computational methods

Research activities


Computational methods

Lattice Boltzmann method


Combustion in porous media

Solar energy

Thermal system analysis


Computational methods

Heat transfer

Fluid mechanics

Thermal system analysis

Fuel science and technology


Professor Mohamad graduated with a BSc and MSc from Baghdad University's College of Engineering with honors. His PhD is from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University in the US. Dr. Mohamad has been invited by many institutes around the world as a keynote speaker, invited professor, lecturer, and theses and program evaluator. He has organized and chaired/co-chaired a few successful conferences on the transport in porous media and computational fluid dynamics, and heat and mass transfer.

Professor Mohamad is the author of a textbook (entitled Lattice Boltzmann Method Fundamentals and Engineering Applications with Computer Codes), published by Springer in 2011. The second edition will be available in 2019. This book is translated into two languages (Chinese by Springer and a Parisian by a private publisher).

Dr. Mohamad was acting Dean of Engineering, Alfaisal University, while he was on leave from the University of Calgary.  


Dr. Mohamad is elected Fellow Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) and Executive Scientific council member of International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer. He has authored and co-authored more than 250 papers and graduated over 40 PhD and MSc students.


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