Abraham Fapojuwo


Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

Associate Head (Graduate Studies)

Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

BEng (1st Class Honors)

University of Nigeria, 1980


University of Calgary, 1986


University of Calgary, 1989

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Office: 403.220.8524

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Information and Communications Technology Building : ICT 310

Office hours

Tuesday & Wednesday: 4pm until 5:30pm, or by appointment


Wireless Communications Systems (ENEL 529)
Wireless Networks (ENEL 633)
Random Variables and Stochastic Processes (ENEL 649)

Preferred method of communication

Please contact me by email.


Research areas

  • Wireless Communications and Networking

Research activities

Advanced Wireless Communication Networks                                                         
Broadband capacity enhancement techniques--cell-less fog-enabled radio access networks, heterogeneous cloud radio access networks, cognitive radio networks; backhaul optimization; software defined networking; network function virtualization; full-duplex techniques.                                                                                   

IoT Networking                                                                           
Medium access control protocols for long range wide area networks; coverage and capacity analysis and performance optimization; interference avoidance and mitigation.                                                                               

Wi-Fi Networking                                                           
QoE assurance techniques; mobility management; coverage and capacity analysis; Wi-Fi positioning/localization.        

Vehicular Networking                                                  
Resource management protocols for ultra-reliable and low-latency V2X communications; vehicular localization techniques.                                                                                          

Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer RF-to-DC power conversion efficiency enhancement techniques; harvested energy and achievable data rate tradeoffs, cross-layer protocol design for SWIPT, wireless powered body sensor networks.


Dr. Abraham Fapojuwo is a professor and associate head (graduate studies) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.                                                      

Dr. Fapojuwo's expertise and experience are in the areas of wireless communications and telecommunication networks including the design, performance modeling, and analysis of network architectures and protocols.                  

Prior to joining the University of Calgary, Dr. Fapojuwo has engaged in full-time industry practice where he has made significant contributions in the industrial design, research and development of wireless cellular and networking products


Kwan J., and Fapojuwo, A.O., "Sum-throughput maximization in wireless sensor networks with radio frequency energy harvesting and backscatter communication," Sensors Journal, IEEE, 2018.   

Ahmed, I.K. and Fapojuwo, A.O., "Stackelberg equilibria of an anti-jamming game in cooperative cognitive radio networks," Cognitive Communications and Networking, IEEE Transactions on, 2018.       
Ashrafuzzaman, K., and Fapojuwo, A.O., "Efficient and agile carrier sense multiple access in capillary machine-to-machine communication networks," Access, IEEE, 2018. 

Hemachandra, K., and Fapojuwo, A.O., "Average rate analysis for the full-duplex MISO interference channel," Communications Letters, IEEE, 2016.                                         

Rao, J., and Fapojuwo, A.O., "An analytical framework for evaluating spectrum/energy efficiency of heterogeneous cellular networks," Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on, 2016.


Outstanding Teaching Performance Award, SSE, 2018, 2016, 2013        

Best Paper Award, IEEE WCNC, 2014,                                  

Graduate Educator Award, ECE, 2011                                      

Best Paper Award, IEEE PIMRC, 2009                     

Communications Premium Award, IET, 2008