Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Founder & Director

UVS Robotarium Laboratory


University of Calgary Aerospace Network (UCAN)

PhD - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

University of Toronto, 2002

MSc - Computer Science

Monterrey Insitute of Technology, 1996

MSc - Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology, 1995

BSc - Mechanical Engineering

Universidad Autonoma Metroplitana, 1994

Contact information


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB523

Office hours

Monday - 9 am until 10:30 am
Tuesday and Thursday - 1 pm until 4 pm



Foundations of Mechatronics (ENME 461)

Engineering Design and Communication (ENGG 200)


Mobile Robotics (ENME 650)

Computer-Based Control for Industrial Automation (ENMF 533)

Preferred method of communication

Please contact me by email


Research areas

  • Unmanned vehicle systems
  • Mobile robotics
  • Humanoid robotics
  • Control and navigation

Research activities

Unmanned vehicle systems

Development, and testing of diverse methodologies such as Artificial Intelligent (e.g., autonomous agents) and formal techniques (e.g., adaptive control) applicable to unmanned (aerial, ground, underwater as well as humanoid) vehicles.

Control and navigation

Our research laboratory also studies, develops, and tests diverse control methodologies such as Artificial Intelligent (e.g., autonomous agents) and formal techniques (e.g., adaptive & model predictive control) applicable to ground, aerial, and underwater autonomous vehicles. The laboratory investigates navigation, localization, cooperation, collaboration techniques, and mapping mechanisms applicable to mobile robots. The laboratory performs research activities that involve software, hardware design, human-robot integration, embedded and distributed systems.



Dr. A. Ramirez-Serrano is a full time professor at the University of Calgary, where he has served on diverse roles including a former director of the graduate program and current founder and director of the UVS Robotarium Research Laboratory. Dr. Ramirez-Serrano performs research and development activities in the area of unmanned vehicle (ground as well as aerial) systems (UVS).

Dr. Ramirez-Serrano is also the founder and CEO of 4Front Robotics, a Calgary based robotic company that develops highly maneuverable drones and custom field unmanned vehicles for deployment in highly confined spaces such as collapsed building.

His industrial experience include mechatronic engineer at ABB Corporate Research (Sweden), and research engineer at Argonne National Laboratory - West (USA) where he developed smart field robotic devices.

His areas of expertise are in the design of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and transitional aircrafts, control, navigation, and modeling of UVS and robots for deployment in confined spaces. His work also includes the development of humanoid robotics with applications to pediatric care where Dr. Ramirez-Serrano has employed robots to significantly reduce children stress, increase children’s hospital experience, and reduce the time nurses and doctors take to apply a given procedure in some cases by more than 50 per cent.


Kamal A., and Ramirez-Serrano A., “Sizing Methodology for Tiltrotor Aircraft using Integrated Performance Constraints”, Journal of Aircraft, May, 2018

Wilson G., Ramirez-Serrano A., and Sun Q., “Geometric Based Tire Vertical Force Estimation and Stiffness Parameterization for Automotive and Unmanned Vehicle Applications”, Journal of Vehicle System

Beran, T.N., and Ramirez-Serrano, A., “Child Meets Robot: Applications of Humanoid Robotics in a Physiotherapy Environment with Young Patients”, Physiotherapy Canada, special edition use of technology for pain, 2012

Yayari M.R., Gupta K.G., Mehrandezh M., and Ramirez-Serrano A., “Optimal Real-Time Trajectory Control of a Pitch-Hover UAV with a Two Link Manipulator”, Conf. on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, June 12-15, 2018


ASTech Award, 2014

Indra's International Community Award: From Idea to Reality, 2015

UAE Drones for Good award competition, 2016

Schulich School of Engineering Achievement Award, 2017