Ann Barcomb

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Software Engineering


University of Limerick, 2019

Contact information


Office: 403.210.6631

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Research website


Information and Communications Technology Building : ICT 352A

Office hours

For the duration of covid restrictions, please use email to schedule online appointments.

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Software engineering
  • Open source, community management


My research goals are to improve interpretation and understanding of textual data, and to make software development better for participants. I want to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between practitioners and researchers, and to understand and generalize processes and practices.


Dr. Ann Barcomb is an assistant professor at the Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary. Her previous post was at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Dr. Barcomb received her PhD from the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 2019, with a specialization in software engineering, and a master's in information systems from Maastricht University, The Netherlands. In the course of her industry career, she worked as a software developer for multiple firms and as a community manager for RIPE NCC. From the beginning, she has been active in free/libre/open source software, organizing events, speaking at practitioner conferences, and writing for practitioner outlets.


For a detailed list of publications, please refer to my personal website or Google Scholar.


For awards and distinctions, please refer to my personal website.