Artem Korobenko

Associate Head of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

PhD - Structural Engineering with specialization in Computational Science

University of California San Diego, 2014

MSc - Mechanical Engineering

Clemson University, 2011

BSc (Hons) - Aerospace Engineering

National Aerospcae University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute, 2008

Contact information


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB310


Computing Tools for Engineering Design (ENME 337)

Finite Element Method (ENME 547)

Stabilized Finite Elements in Computational Fluid Dynamics (ENME 619-12)

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Research areas

  • Intelligent and autonomous systems - Aerospace
  • Computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction
  • Computational mechanics and composite materials modeling
  • Optimization and decision support visualization
  • Renewable energy: wind, hydrokinetic and tidal

Research activities

Current research topics include fluid-structure interaction (FSI), dynamically data-driven simulations (DDDS), damage modeling in aerospace composite structures, atmospheric flow modeling over complex terrains, numerical modeling of wind turbine and hydrokinetic turbine farms, cavitation flows around propellers and numerical modelling of high-speed compressible reactive flows. In collaboration with academic partners, our group has developed an in-house code suitable for large-scale computations that combines recent developments in stabilized finite element methods for fluid mechanics and advanced geometry modeling techniques based on isogeometric analysis (IGA). The challenges associated with large problem size, complex nonlinear geometrical and material models, highly turbulent flow and complicated multi-physics coupling are addressed in simulation tools we developed.

More on our research areas can be found on the CFSMgroup website.


Dr. Artem Korobenko is a recipient of J.W. Fulbright Fellowship and  a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), US Association of Computational Mechanics (USACM), International Association of Computational Mechanics (IACM) and Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI). He is a vice-chair for Committee on Fluid-Structure Interaction (CFSI) of the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of ASME.

Dr. Korobenko is a head of Computational Fluid & Structural Mechanics group (CFSMgroup). CFSMgroup is working on the development of high-fidelity multidisciplinary methods for the analysis and design of complex systems in renewable energy, aerospace and marine engineering using large-scale computing. 

CFSMgroup is a part of the University of Calgary Aerospace Network (UCAN) and actively collaborates with national and international academic institutions, industrial partners and governmental agencies, including US AFOSR.


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A.Korobenko, Y.Bazilevs, K.Takizawa, T.Tezduyar “Computer modeling of wind turbines: 1. ALE-VMS and ST-VMS aerodynamic and FSI analysis”, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering 2018, pp 1 -41

A.Korobenko, M.Pigazzini, X.Deng, Y. Bazilevs, “Multiscale DDDAS Framework for Damage Prediction in Aerospace Composite Structures”, Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems, edited by Erik P. Blasch, Sai Ravela, Alex J. Aved, Springer, 2018

Y.Bazilevs, A.Korobenko, J.Yan, A.Pal, S.M.I.Gohari, S.Sarkar “ALE-VMS Formulations for Stratified Turbulent Incompressible Flows with Applications”, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Science, 25(12), pp. 2349-2375, 2015


2018 SSE Teaching Achievement Award

2018 Teaching Excellence Award from Engineering Student Society

2017 SSE Research Achievement Award