Ed Nowicki

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

BASc - Engineering Sciences


MASc - Electrical Engineering


PhD - Electrical Engineering

University of Toronto, 1991

Contact information


Office: 403.220.5006

Web presence

Personal website


CNRL Engineering Complex : ENA 206F



Introduction to Energy and the Environment (ENEE355)


Circuits II (ENEL343)

Grid-Connected Inverters for Alternative Energy Systems (ENEL661)

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Engineering for the environment
  • Power converter design for renewable energy in the developing world



Ed’s research projects are in the area of switch mode converter design applied to renewable energy, especially for small systems (1kW to 100kW) in the developing world. Ed and his collaborators enjoy developing novel power converter circuits for wind, solar and hydro sources. Some projects include: AC Choppers; AC to AC Frequency Changers with Low Input Power Factor; Grid-connected Inverter with Sinusoidal Current; Parallel Inverters with Synchronized Transistor Gating (with Hussain Bierk); Multi-level Inverter with Improved THD (with Arif Al-Judi); Bidirectional Power Converter for Permanent Magnet Wind Generators (with Mohamed Fahmy Aner and David Wood); Small Scale Hydro for Rural Health in Nepal (with Babak Roodsari, David, Wood, RC Adhikari, Kimon Silwal and Peter Freere, a project funded by Grand Challenges Canada, where the team developed a power monitoring device for village homes to boil water and cook food overnight, using power that would otherwise be lost).

Teaching philosophy

Ed enjoys being with people, either one on one or in the classroom. In the classroom a teacher recognizes the value of everyone present. The underlying assumption is that we all have inherent value. No one is greater. No one is less. The teacher is student. The student is teacher. With a basis of mutual respect, a teacher can say to a class or to an individual “I know you can do it”. If you are lucky enough to say that at the right time, the class participant feels empowered to succeed and encouraged to do their best. Sometimes Ed likes to tell people that the grade they receive might be useful feedback, and regardless of the grade, you are an A+ soul.


Edwin Nowicki joined the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1992 after working as a Senior Design Engineer at Inverpower Controls Ltd., Burlington, Ontario. He served as Associate Director with the Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education (CEERE), 2007-2018. His research is on power electronics for solar, wind and microhydro. He enjoys consulting work with inventors and was the lead innovator for a patent on a grid-connected inverter (applied to a staged electromagnetic rotational generator). A team project, with Babak Roodsari, David Wood, RC Adhikari, Kimon Silwal and Peter Freere, provided microhydro improvements, in the village of Ghodasin, Nepal, 2014. Ed has also taught power electronics for a masters degree program in renewable energy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May, 2015 and December 2016.


Selected Publications

Analysis and Experimental Investigation of the Improved Distributed Electronic Load Controller, Babak Roodsari, Edwin Nowicki, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 905-914, Sept. 2018


ESS, Profesor of the Year Award in Electrical Engineering, 2017

Engineers Canada: Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education, 2011

APEGA: Summit Award: Excellence in Education, 2010

University of Calgary Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award, 2007