Emily Marasco


Department of Electrical and Software Engineering


University of Calgary, 2018

MSc (Eng)

University of Calgary, 2013

BSc (Eng)

University of Calgary, 2011

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Creativity and innovation in engineering
  • Gamification and learner-generated game-based learning
  • Entrepreneurial frameworks for engineering
  • Adaptive learning methodologies
  • Novel pedagogies in software engineering


Dr. Emily Marasco received her PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Calgary, focusing on the integration of innovation techniques for design and education in electrical, computer, and software engineering. Her current research and teaching interests are in the area of learning engineering, including the use of machine learning, gamification, blended learning, and augmented reality as tools for enhancing creativity within software and computer engineering. Dr. Marasco’s research-informed pedagogical practice integrates cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial aspects with cognitive diversity and creative technical experiences.

Dr. Marasco is active as a science communicator and outreach speaker in the local education community. She has been recognized as the 2018 ASTech Outstanding Leader of Tomorrow and received the 2016 Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Graduate Award for women in engineering. She was most recently recognized as one of Calgary’s 2019 Top 40 Under 40 recipients.

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Top 40 Under 40


ASTech Foundation Outstanding Leader of Tomorrow Award
Schulich School of Engineering Teaching Achievement Award


ASTech Foundation Excellence in Science & Technology Public Awareness Award