Hossein Hejazi

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Contact information


Office: 403.220.5160


Research and teaching

Research activities

Dr. Hejazi’s research interests involves energy production from hydrocarbon resources with environmental considerations. Dr. Hejazi’s primary research is in transport processes in porous media and reservoir engineering.

Dr. Hejazi’s current research interests include:

  • Transport mechanisms in gas and liquid producing shale strata
  • Fluid flow and transport processes in porous media in small (micro and nano) scales
  • Flow of emulsions in fractured reservoirs
  • Interfacial fluid dynamics and moving boundary problems encountered in heavy oil recovery mechanisms such as SAGD and Solvent Aided SAGD.

In 2015 he received CFI Funding along with Dr. Ian Gates to build state-of-the-art microfluidic infrastructure for an unconventional hydrocarbon resource laboratory to improve oil recovery. Their research seeks to understand micro-scale (pore level) transport processes in real rock geometries. Discovering the physical mechanisms involved at this scale is critical for many technological applications, including advancement for in-situ recovery of oil and gas resources. The new lab will be used to improve oil recovery methods which means more energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly recovery processes.


Dr. Hejazi has earned a PhD from the University of Calgary, an MSc from the University of Tehran, and a BSc from the Power and Water Institution of Technology.


Recent Publications

Hejazi, S.H. and J. Azaiez (2013). Nonlinear simulation of transverse flow interactions with chemically driven convective mixing in porous media: Water Resources Research, Accepted.

Hejazi, S.H. and J. Azaiez, 2012. “Stability of reactive interfaces in saturated porous media under gravity in the presence of transverse flows”. Journal of Fluid Mech. 695: 439-466. 

Hejazi, S.H. and J. Azaiez, 2010. “Hydrodynamic instability in the transport of miscible reactive slices through porous media”. Phys. Rev. E. 81(5), 056321(1-12). 

Hejazi, S.H., Trevelyan, P.M.J., Azaiez, J. and A. De Wit, 2010. “Viscous fingering of a miscible reactive A + B --> C interface: a linear stability analysis”. Journal of Fluid Mech. 652: 501-528. 

Hejazi, S.H. and J. Azaiez, 2010. “Nonlinear interactions of dynamic reactive interfaces in porous media”. Chemical Eng. Science. 65(2), 938-942.

M. Raisee and S.H. Hejazi (2007). Application of linear and nonlinear Low-Re k-epsilon models in prediction of convective heat transfer in passages with sudden contraction: Int. J. of Heat and Fluid Flow, Vol. 28(3), 429-440.

M. Ameri, S.H. Hejazi and K. Montaser (2005). Performance and economic of the thermal energy storage systems to enhance the peaking capacity of the gas turbines: Applied Thermal Eng., Vol. 25(2-3), 241-251.

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