Jalel Azaiez


Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


Ecole Centrale de Paris, 1988


Stanford University, 1990


Stanford University, 1993

Contact information


Office: 403.220.7526


Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology : CCIT 216


Dr. Azaiez has taught the following courses:

  • ENGG 201 - Behaviour of Liquids Gases and Solids
  • ENCH 331 – Process Fluid Dynamics
  • ENCH 401 – Analyses of Chemical, Oil and Gas Engineering Processes
  • ENCH 631 – Advanced Topics in Fluid Mechanics
  • ENCH 631 - Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena
  • ENCH 639 - Applied Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • ENCH 703 - Advanced Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  • ENCH 620 – Graduate Project
  • ENCH 699 – Special Project

Preferred method of communication

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Student Recruitment:

Ideal applicant to join Dr. Azaiez’s research group is expected to have strong analytical skills and be well versed in the use of mathematical tools and Numerical techniques. A very good knowledge of transport phenomena and in particular fluid mechanics is also expected.

Past graduate students have come from a wide range of backgrounds that include chemical, mechanical and petroleum engineering as well as physics and mathematics. 

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Flow in Porous Media
  • Multi-phase Flow and Transport Processes
  • Hydrodynamic Instabilities
  • Physical Dynamics of Complex Fluids in Micro- and Macro-Geometries
  • Numerical Simulations and Mathematical Modelling with applications in oil recovery,
  • chemical processes
  • environmental engineering
  • CO2 sequestration

Research activities

Dr. Azaiez’s current research focuses on hydrodynamic instabilities encountered in flow displacements in porous media. A variety of topics that deal with complex fluids that involve heat and mass transfer as well as chemical reactions for both miscible and immiscible displacements in homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media are investigated using advanced mathematical and numerical tools.

Flows in porous media are encountered in many practical applications, most notably in secondary and tertiary oil recovery, hydrology and soil remediation. Their research group is particularly interested in analyzing flows instabilities that develop at the interface between two fluids of a displacement. This instability determines the efficiency of many existing processes as well as the viability of new developed techniques. Examples of flows that have been analyzed by their group include non-Newtonian flows with applications in polymer flooding for enhanced oil recovery, non-isothermal flows that are encountered in processes based on heat transfer such as the Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), reactive flows that have been successfully used for soil remediation and explored for heavy oil recovery, flows with time-dependent injection velocities that can be used to understand and optimize important processes such as Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) as well as flows in heterogeneous porous media. They have also initiated studies on flows of nano-particle suspensions which have become a common occurrence in many fields such as the energy, chemical or environmental sectors. The objective of the studies is to model flow instabilities of nano-particle solutions in micro-geometries and track the motion and interactions of individual particles to understand their dynamics in the pore scale of oil reservoirs.

Their research group has developed expertise in modeling and analyzing such flows using a variety of numerical and mathematical tools. Different numerical algorithms based on spectral methods and finite difference techniques have been developed by their group and resulted in a collection of numerical codes that have allowed modelling such flows under various conditions. They have also excellent expertise in the use of analytical mathematical tools to probe the flow and determine conditions for instabilities to develop before resorting to full scale numerical simulations. They also have conducted experimental measurements to analyze such instability in particular in the case of oil-water emulsions.


Dr. Azaiez has a Diplome d’Ingénieur from the Ecole Centrale de Paris (France) and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. He has published more than 90 refereed journal and conference papers and gave more than 80 conference talks. He has also presented 9 invited talks and seminars worldwide and received 5 conference awards. He serves on the editorial board of four scientific journals. Dr. Azaiez has also earned 6 teaching awards as a professor at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Jelel Azaiez's expertise is in the field of mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of fluid flows with a particular focus on complex systems. These include non-Newtonian fluids flows, nanofluid systems, hydrodynamic instabilities of flows in porous media such as viscous fingering and other chemically or thermally driven instabilities.

Dr. Azaiez believes in two major aspects that a teacher can contribute to his students: enthusiasm, and interaction and feedback. He feels that it is important that the students are engaged and as a professor, he can do so by loving the subject he teaches to foster excitement for the topic in his students.



Selected Publications:

1. Ahmadlouydarab, M., Azaiez, J. & Chen, Z. “Dynamics of viscous liquid bridges inside micro-channels subject to external oscillatory flow” Physical Review E., 91, 023002-1-10 (2015). 

2. Yuan, Q. & Azaiez, J. “Miscible Displacements in Porous Media With Time-Dependent Injection Velocities” Transport in Porous Media, 104, 57-76 (2014). 

3. Azaiez, J. & Sajjadi, M. “Scaling and Unified Characterization of Flow Instabilities in Layered  Heterogeneous Porous Media” Physical Review E.,  88, 033017-1-12 (2013). 

4. Azaiez, J. & Hejazi, S. H. “Stability of Reactive Interfaces in Saturated Porous Media Under Gravity in the Presence of Transverse Flows” J. Fluid Mechanics,  695, 439-466 (2012). 

5. Azaiez, J., Bahonar, M. & Chen, Z. J. “Transient Non-isothermal Fully Coupled Wellbore/Reservoir Model, Part I: Model Development”, J. Canadian Petroleum Technology, 50, 37-50 (2011). 

6. Azaiez, J. & Islam, M. N. Miscible Thermo-Viscous Fingering Instability in Porous Media: Part 2: Numerical Simulations” Transport in Porous Media, 84, 845-861 (2010)

7. Azaiez, J. & Ghesmat, K. Miscible Displacements of Reactive and Anisotropic Dispersive Flows in Porous Media” Transport in Porous Media 77, 489-506 (2009). 



  • 2012:   Award for Outstanding Teaching Excellence in Second Year Engineering.
  • 2011:   Teaching Excellence Award, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering.
  • 2009:   Service Excellence Award, Schulich School of Engineering.
  • 2002:   Award for Outstanding Teaching Excellence in First Year Engineering, (Engineering Students Society)
  • 2002:   Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Engineering.
  • 2001:   Teaching Excellence Award, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering.