Kimberly Johnston

Associate Dean, Student Professional Development

Schulich School of Engineering

Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning

Schulich School of Engineering


Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


University of Calgary

BSc - Chemical Engineering

University of Calgary

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CNRL Engineering Complex : ENC106


Behaviour of Liquids, Gases and Solids (ENGG 201)

Engineering Thermodynamics (ENGG 311)

Design for Oil and Gas Engineering I (ENPE 511)

Design for Oil and Gas Engineering II (ENPE 531)

Reservoir Characterization for Field Development (ENCH 698)


Research areas

  • Engineering education
  • Reservoir characterization and optimization
  • Thermodynamic modeling of phase behaviours of petroleum fluid systems


Engineering education

  • Implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • Enhancing mental health in engineering education

Reservoir characterization and optimization

  • Using capacitance models to optimize recovery

Thermodynamic modeling of the phase behaviours of petroleum fluid systems


Dr. Kimberly Johnston is the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning; Academic and Planning) for the Schulich School of Engineering and joined the leadership team in 2018. Dr. Johnston became an academic after completing her PhD in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2017 where she focused her research on the phase behaviour of bitumen solvent systems. Dr. Johnston worked in industry after completing her BSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2005. She advanced her career with Devon Canada, moving from field engineer to production engineer to reservoir simulation engineer between 2005 and 2011. Today, Dr. Johnston is focused on engineering education innovation and advancing mental health during the engineering education process.


Peer-Reviewed Journals

A. Mancilla-Polanco, K. Johnston, W.D.L. Richardson, F.F. Schoeggl, Y. Zhang, H.W. Yarranton, S.D. Taylor; “The Phase Behavior of Heavy Oil and Propane Mixtures”; SPE Journal; 2018

K.A. Johnston, F.F. Schoeggl, M. Satyro, H.W. Yarranton; “Phase Behavior of Bitumen and n-Pentane”; Fluid Phase Equilibria 2017

K.A. Johnston, M.A. Satyro, S.D. Taylor, H.W. Yarranton; “Can a Cubic Equation of State Model Bitumen-Solvent Phase Behavior?”, Energy & Fuels, 2017



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SSE Teaching Achievement Award
Faculty Excellence Award, Chemical Engineering Student Society


SSE Teaching Achievement Award
SSE Teaching Innovation Award


SSE Teaching Achievement Award