Kyle O’Keefe


Department of Geomatics Engineering

PhD - Geomatics Engineering

University of Calgary, 2004

BSc - Geomatics Engineering

University of Calgary, 2000

BSc (Honours) - Physics

University of British Columbia, 1997

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Dr. O'Keefe teaches geomatics engineering courses in:

    Advanced GNSS theory and application

    Wireless location

    Field surveys

    Computing for geomatics engineers

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Research areas

  • Intelligent and autonomous systems
  • Navigation and positioning technologies
  • Satellite technologies
  • Multi-sensor systems
  • Wireless positioning
  • Vehicles and transportation systems
  • Driverless cars - technology development
  • IoT
  • Smart sensing
  • Sensor fusion/integration

Research activities

Dr. O'Keefe's research interests include global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and wireless location. His research includes both local area wireless location, satellite navigation, and augmentation of satellite navigation with ground-based RF measurements. He has done extensive work in the simulation of future radio-navigation systems and their error sources, both at the system performance and observation level. He is also interested in the mathematics behind precise carrier phase GNSS positioning, particularly the application of statistical reliability theory to the carrier phase ambiguity resolution problem and its augmentation with other systems and sensors.


Dr. Kyle O’Keefe is a professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary. He has worked in positioning and navigation research since 1996. He received a BSc in honours physics from the University of British Columbia in 1997 and a BSc in geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary in 2000. Dr. O’Keefe holds a PhD in geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary and is a researcher in the Position, Location and Navigation (PLAN) Group.


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2004 to 2016 – 11 departmental and faculty teaching awards

2015 Faculty of Graduate Studies Great Supervisor Award

2013 Schulich School of Engineering Departmental Service Excellence Award

2011 – Royal Institute of Navigation Michael Richey Medal for Best Paper in RIN Journal of Navigation in 2010

2010 – Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Alouette Award (awarded to the CanX2 nanosatellite mission team, including the University of Calgary GPS Payload team

2010 – Institute of Navigation Best Paper Award for ION GNSS 2010 Session F2

2008 – Institute of Navigation Best Paper Award for ION GNSS 2008 Session F6

2002 – Honourary Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship

2001 – Institute of Navigation GPS 2001 Best Student Paper Award