Laleh Behjat


Department of Electrical and Software Engineering


Women in Science and Engineering (Prairies)

BSc (Eng)

Tehran University, 1996


University of Waterloo, 2002

Contact information


Energy, Environment, Experiential Learning Building : EEEL445A

Preferred method of communication

Please contact me by email.


Research areas

  • Electronic design automation (EDA)
  • Physical design of integrated circuits
  • Large-scale optimization for EDA
  • Engineering education

Research activities

Research theme 1: Development of EDA tools for computer-aided design (CAD) of IC. The main thrust of this theme is to develop innovative and creative EDA methodologies that can significantly improve the performance, cost and reliability of IC. Multidisciplinary techniques such as optimization, mathematical modeling, estimation, computational geometry, data mining, parallel programming, and artificial intelligence are used along with the traditional EDA methodologies to develop creative, interdisciplinary and transformative solutions. The research activities builds on my group’s award-winning work in EDA to push the boundaries of what is possible in circuit placement and physical design. 

Research theme 2: Application of EDA to other fields in engineering. In this theme, algorithms used for optimizing the power in circuits are adapted for optimizing the power used in communication systems. This theme is aimed at diversifying the research and fostering research innovation and excellence through collaborations.

Research theme 3: Engineering education. This research theme deals with development of techniques for engineering education. This research involves Development of techniques to teach innovation, design thinking, game-based learning, and development of assessment methods. 


Dr. Laleh Behjat is a Professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary. She joined the University of Calgary in 2002. Dr. Behjat’s research focus is on developing EDA techniques for physical design and application of large-scale optimization in EDA. Her research team has won several awards including 1st and 2nd places in ISPD 2014 and ISPD 2015 High Performance Routability Driven Placement Contests and 3rd place in DAC Design Perspective Challenge in 2015. She is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems and Optimization in Engineering from Springer. Dr. Behjat has been developing new and innovative methods to teach Computer Science and EDA to students. She acted as an academic advisor for of Google Technical Development Guide and has won several awards for her efforts in education including 2017 Killam Graduate Student Supervision and Mentorship Award. Her team, Schulich Engineering Outreach Team, was also the recipient of the ASTech Leadership Excellence in Science and Technology Public Awareness Award in 2017. Her other interests include raising awareness about issues related to diversity and inclusion and promoting diversity in engineering. She received the Women in Engineering and Geoscience Award from APEGA in 2015 in recognition of her work in this area.


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1. AWSN Minerva Mentoring Award, 2018

Alberta Women’s Science Network

2. Research Achievement Award for NSERC Create, 2018

Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

Team members: Lina Kattan, Patrick Hettiaratchi, Laleh Behjat, Henry Leung, Chan Wirasinghe, Getachew Assefa, Kasun Hewagem David Lazell, Zhongchao Tan, Caterina Valeo, Jashua Taron

3. University of Calgary Teaching Award, Team Teaching, 2018

University of Calgary, 

Team members: Laleh Behjat, Elise Fear, Milana Trifkovic

4. ASTech Leadership Excellence in Science and Technology Promotion, winner, 2017

Leader of the Schulich School of Engineering Outreach Team

Alberta Science and Technology Association

5. Izaak Walton Killam Award for Graduate Supervision and Mentoring Laureate, 2017

Killam Awards Trust

6. ACM Recognition of Service Award, 2017

American Computing Machinery

7. Schulich School of Engineering Research Achievement Award, 2017 

Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

8. Calgary Distinguished Immigrant in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Finalist, 2017

Calgary Immigrant Society

9. Schulich School of Engineering Graduate Educator Award, 2015 

Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary


10. University of Calgary Great Supervisor Award, 2015

Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary


11. Design Automation Perspective Challenge – 3rd place winner, 2015 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Council on Electronic Design Automation- IEEE-CEDA

12. Women in Engineering Champion Summit Award, 2015

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

13. Blockage Aware Detailed Routing-Driven Placement Contest 

– 2nd place winner, 2015

American Computing Machinery International Symposium on Physical Design (ACM-ISPD) Annual Contest


14. Service Award, 2014

American Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Design Automation (ACM SIGDA) 


15. IEEE Canada Women in Engineering Appreciation Award, 2014 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics of Engineering (IEEE)


16. Detailed Routing Driven Placement Contest – 1st place winner, 2014

American Computing Machinery - International Symposium on Physical Design (ACM - ISPD) Annual Contest