Laura Curiel

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Software Engineering

BSc (Eng)

ITESM Mexico, 1995


University of Lyon, 1998


Institut National de Sciences Appliquees Lyon, 2001

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Office: 403.220.4390

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Information and Communications Technology : ICT346

Office hours

Monday & Wednesday: 10am until 11:30am

Tuesday & Thursday 9am until 10am

Friday 9am until 3pm



Fundamentals of Biomedical Devices Design (BMEN 401)

Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Applications (BMEN 509)

Preferred method of communication

Please contact me by email.


Research areas

  • • Biomedical devices and systems
  • • Ultrasound imaging and instrumentation
  • • Therapeutic ultrasound applications
  • • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Research activities

Dr. Curiel’s research work is centred in High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy and guidance. HIFU has the potential for minimally invasive treatments that selectively destroy or interact with cells located in a targeted zone. The research activities of the group centre on developing pre-clinical tools, novel imaging guidance and collaborative projects. 

Therapeutic Ultrasound Research Platforms

HIFU research platforms can increase collaboration and help applications translate by creating ergonomic, flexible and user-oriented devices. In the group, we work in collaborative projects with researchers across multiple centres to support the development platforms that can achieve this purpose. We currently explore platforms for positron emission tomography/HIFU, MRI-guided HIFU devices for small animals and bench top devices for superficial HIFU.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Device Development

We are also working on developing further applications for HIFU. Our work includes the investigation of bio-effects and design of new devices and the exploration of monitoring tools to achieve the safest and most effective treatment result.


Dr. Curiel established her research at the University of Calgary in January 2018 after moving her independent research work from ThunderOntario (Lakehead University). She has a B. Eng. in Electronic Systems from the ITESM Mexico and obtained a Ph.D. in Imaging and Systems from the INSA Lyon, France. She has worked since 1999 in HIFU devices in pioneering groups using this technology for clinical purposes (INSERM Lyon / Edap Technomed and Sunnybrook Research Institute). She has published her work in the field and patented technology in the field of HIFU and ultrasound technology. 


Abraham C, Pichardo S, Loree-Spacek J, Drainville A, Curiel L. Development of custom RF coils for use in a small animal platform for magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound hyperthermia compatible with a clinical MRI scanner. International Journal of Hyperthermia, 2018

Abraham C, Jani P, Turuba R, Campbell M, Zehbe I, Curiel L. In Vivo 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Biologically Specific Contrast Agent for Prostate Cancer: A Nude Mouse Model. J of Nanotechnology, 2018

Pichardo S, Moreno C*, Drainville A*, Sin V, Curiel L, Hynynen K. A viscoelastic model for the prediction of transcranial ultrasound propagation: Application for the estimation of shear acoustic properties in the human skull. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2017

Abraham CB, Tomanek B, Curiel L.  Contrast Optimization for an Animal Model of Prostate Cancer MRI at 3T. Journal of Modern Physics, 2016

Kivinen J, Togtema M, Mulzer G, Choi J, Zehbe I, Curiel L, Pichardo S. Sonoporation efficacy on SiHa cells in vitro at raised bath temperatures – experimental validation of a prototype sonoporation device. J Ther Ultrasound, 2015.

Pichardo S, Silva RC, Rubel O, Curiel O. (2015). Efficient Driving of Piezoelectric Transducers Using a Biaxial Driving Technique. PLOS ONE, 2012


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