Martin Jasso

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

John Lau - Husky Endowed Chair in Bituminous Materials

University of Calgary


University of Calgary, 2016


Slovak Technical University, 2013


Slovak Technical University, 2009


Slovak Technical University, 2007

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Office: 403.220.4734

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CNRL Engineering Complex : ENF 278

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Monday and Wednesday: 10 am until 11:30 am
Thursday: 2 pm until 3 pm


Bituminous Materials (ENCI 611

Materials Science for Chemical Engineers (ENCH 317

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Research areas

  • Bituminous materials
  • Materials engineering
  • Environmentally friendly pavements

Research activities

Development of new methods and characterization of asphalt binders through rheological, mechanical, and physicochemical testing to determine their properties as materials for construction of flexible pavements

Optimization of asphalt binders with targeted engineering properties and durability through the utilization of new production processes, chemical and polymer modification and the application of nanotechnologies

Utilization of post-consumer wastes, chiefly of macromolecular type (waste tires, waste polyethylene, waste oils of different origin) in production of asphalt binders with improved engineering characteristics

Development of new testing methods and characterization of paving mixes with asphalt binders optimized in laboratories of University of Calgary and their comparison with conventional materials

Contact me for assistance with: 

Bituminous materials group is looking for proactive, enthusiastic and talented master and doctorate students. If you are interested in working in our group please send me email with your CV, undergraduate and/or graduate grades. Please include a brief proposal of your research interests.


Dr. Martin Jasso concluded his Master’s degree studies at the Slovak University of Technology in the Technology of Plastics and Rubber in 2009. He continued at the same university and obtained his first Ph.D. degree in Macromolecular Chemistry in 2013.

Because of his strong interest in asphalt technology and use of polymers in asphalt modification, Martin entered his second PhD studies at the Bituminous Materials Chair, University of Calgary. Focus of his work was on understanding the mechanisms of asphalt modification and the development of internal structure of asphalt compositions with polymers and other additives, using rheological characterization, spectroscopic methods, as well as conventional and Superpave tests. He obtained his second PhD degree in 2016.

In 2016, Martin worked as a research associate at the Bituminous Materials Chair. In the same year he was appointed to the position of the Chairholder of the Husky Energy Endowed Chair in Bituminous Materials at the Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary. In his position, Martin is responsible for the research and teaching program of the Chair, to develop new asphalt materials with improved engineering properties, new characterization methods for asphalt materials, to cooperate with and to support asphalt industry as well as to prepare new engineers and scientists in this field.


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Dali's melted pocket watch and the behavior of polymer modified asphalt binders, 2018

Rheology of conventional asphalt modified with SBS, Elvaloy and polyphosphoric acid, 2015

Modeling of tensile creep and recovery of polymer modified asphalt binders at low temperatures, 2015

Preparation and properties of conventional asphalt modified by physical mixtures of linear SBS and montmorillonite clay, 2013 

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Elaine Thompson Editor’s Award, 2018