Nigel Shrive


Department of Civil Engineering


Oxford University, 1974

BA - Engineering Science

Oxford University, 1971

Contact information


Office: 403.220.6630


CNRL Engineering Complex : ENF 206

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Structural Engineering 2 (ENCI 551)

One of:  

Conservation of Historic Structures 1 (ENCI 619)

Fracture of Civil Engineering Materials (ENCI 617)

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Research areas

  • Structural mechanics applied to masonry
  • Structural mechanics applied to heritage structures
  • Biomechanics - cell, tissue, joint and cardiovascular mechanics

Research activities

Structural mechanics applied to masonry and heritage structures

Current areas of interest include the fundamental reasons and the mechanics involved when materials fracture when subject to compression; structural analysis of historic structures for conservation; the behaviour of masonry walls subject to in-plane shear; the behaviour and design of tall walls subject to axial and lateral loads; and the use of new materials in masonry (cements, mortars and units).

Biomechanics - cell, tissue, joint and cardiovascular mechanics

In the musculoskeletal system, current reasearch is aimed at understanding the underlying factors that initiate and drive the progression of osteoarthritis. This involves integrating the interactions between mechanical, structural and biological variables at the cellular, tissue and joint levels. In the Cardiovascular system, we are working toward clinical applications of the reservoir-wave approach we have developed to explain the haemodynamics of the heart and the arterial and vascular systems, as well as seeking further understanding of the system itself. The work in both areas is executed in collaboration with colleagues in the Cumming School of Medicine.   


Nigel Shrive graduated from Oxford University, UK and moved to Calgary where he developed research programs in masonry and biomechanics. He has served in several administrative roles, including being Head of the Department of Civil Engineering 1989-1999 and Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health 2008- 2014. He held the Killam Memorial  Chair at the University for two terms between 1999 and 2012. He has been elected Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the Masonry Society, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Engineers Canada and The Royal Society of Canada.


Some recent publications

Isfeld, A.C., Mueller, A.L., Hagel, M., Shrive, N.G., “Analysis of Safety of Slender Concrete Masonry Walls in Relation to CSA S304-14” Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 46 (5), 424-438, 2019                                         

Iskander, M, Shrive N.G. “Fracture of Brittle and Quasi-Brittle Materials in Compression: a Review of the Current State of Knowledge and a Different Approach” Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 97, 250-257, 2018

Sevick, J.L., Abusara, Z., Andrews, S.H.J., Xu, M., Khurshid, S., Chatha, J., Hart, D.A., Shrive, N.G. “Fibril Deformation under Load of the Rabbit Achilles Tendon and Medial Collateral Ligament Femoral Entheses” Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 36 (9), 2506-2515, 2018    

Shekarforoush M., Beveridge, J.E., Hart, D.A., Frank, C.B., Shrive, N.G. “Correlation between translational and rotational kinematic abnormalities and osteoarthritis-like damage in two in vivo sheep injury models” Journal of Biomechanics, 75, 67-76, 2018

Tyberg J.V., Burrowes, L.M., Shrive, N.G., Wang, J.J. “Origin of the Forward-Going “Backward” Wave” Journal of Applied Physiology, 123 (5), 1406-1407, 2017


Renee Redfern Hunt Memorial Prize, The Institution of Civil Engineers    1984

Excellence in Research Award, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (with others)    1987

John B. Scalzi Award, The Masonry Society    2000

Summit Award – APEGA, Alberta Ingenuity Research Excellence – Bone and Joint, with others    2005

Summit Award – APEGA, Best Project – Shawnessy LRT Station, with others    2005

Award of Excellence, Alberta Chapter American Concrete Institute – Shawnessy LRT Station, with others    2005

Best Custom Solutions, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, Shawnessy LRT Station, with others      2005

Harry H. Edwards Industry Award –  Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute - Shawnessy LRT Station, with others    2005

CERF Charles Pankow Award for Innovation – Shawnessy LRT Station, with others    2006

International Federation for Structural Concrete:  Award for Outstanding Structures - Shawnessy LRT Station, with others    2006                               

Elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering    2009

Elected Fellow of Engineers Canada    2009                                           

Killam Interdisciplinary Research Prize (with CB Frank) (University of Calgary, first time offered)    2010

Frank Spragins Technical Award, Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists 
& Geophysicists of Alberta    2011

Killam Interdisciplinary Research Prize (with JV Tyberg) (Univ of Calgary, second time offered)    2011

Canadian Masonry Contractors Association Outstanding Achievement Award    2013

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada    2016

HWH West Memorial Award, The International Masonry Socoety    2018

Centennial Leadership Award, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta     2019