Paul Rogers

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Cambridge University, 1992


Cambridge University, 1990


Cambridge University, 1984

Contact information


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB404

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Research areas

  • Healthcare operational excellence
  • Manufacturing systems engineering

Research activities

Dr. Rogers' primary research interest involves operations research and operations management approaches in healthcare. Approaches include: mathematical optimization (linear and integer programming); discrete-event simulation; systems dynamics modelling; queuing models and statistical approaches; statistical quality and management tools (including Six Sigma methods); and process improvement (including Lean methods).

He is also broadly interested in integrated manufacturing systems and with the development and use of a wide range of modelling techniques for the design and control of manufacturing systems. Relevant "manufacturing systems" issues include: production scheduling; technology management; manufacturing strategy; manufacturing information systems; concurrent engineering; enterprise modelling; small company assistance and productivity improvement; business process re-engineering; total quality management.


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