Qingye (Gemma) Lu

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

P.Eng - Chemical Engineering

PhD - Analytical Chemistry

University of Alberta

MSc - Physical Chemistry

Wuhan University

BSc - Chemistry

Wuhan University

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CNRL Engineering Complex : END204A

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Courses I teach or have taught:


Wastewater Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry (ENCH 665)

Wastewater Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry (ENEN 665)

Electrochemical Engineering (ENCH 630)

Special Projects (ENCH 699)


Chemical Engineering Process Development (ENCH 423)

Oil and Gas Engineering Process Development (ENPE 423)

Engineering Design and Economics (ENER 400)

Chemical Engineering Laboratory (ENCH 551)

Electrochemical Engineering (ENCH 530)

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Accepting applicants

Dr. Lu’s group is always looking for motivated, talented master, PhD students and researchers. Diverse background is welcomed. Please send her your CV with research interests by email (qingye.lu@ucalgary.ca) to inquire any opportunities.

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Interfacial and surface sciences
  • Biomimetic materials
  • Nanomaterials/nanotechnology
  • Microfluidic systems applications in energy, environment and biomedical fields


Dr. Lu’s multidisciplinary research program is aimed at: 1) understanding surface/interfacial science and using this knowledge to create new advanced functional materials to resolve challenges related to energy and environment processes, and 2) fundamental surface/interfacial interaction understanding of multi-component complex industrial systems. Dr. Lu’s innovative and unique approaches have allowed her to gain the knowledge and skills needed to manipulate interactions (hydrophobic force, hydrogen bonding, electrostatic, etc.) to create new materials and to optimize various industrial processes, which generate economic and environmental benefit to the industry and the public.

Research activities

Interfacial and surface sciences applicable in energy and environment

Research focuses on using advanced analytical techniques including QCM-D, AFM, SFA, etc. to fundamentally understand interfacial and surface sciences.

  • Surface and interfacial phenomena involved in SAGD produced water treatment
  • Properties and behavior of colloidal particles at fluid interfaces
  • Interfacial behaviour and surface chemistry of 2-D and 3-D metal organic framework (MOF) materials
  • Molecular interaction mechanisms of membrane fouling
  • Molecular interactions of contaminants of interest with surrounding natural environment

Biomimetic materials and naturally derived polymer materials for energy and environment

Research focuses on developing bioinspired nanocomposite materials and naturally derived polymer materials for environmental and energy applications.

  • Nanocellulose based materials for CO2 capture
  • Lignin based materials for oil/water separation
  • Bioinspired nanocomposite materials for oil sands produced water and tailings treatment
  • Chitosan based materials for wastewater treatment
  • Chitosan and graphene composite as thin-film electrolyte
  • Hydrogels and aerogels as antibacterial materials

Nanomaterials (2D, 3D, composites) and nanotechnology for energy and environment

Research focuses on developing nanomaterials and nanotechnology for environmental and energy applications.

  • 2D and 3D MOF-based nanomaterials and composites for water and wastewater treatment
  • Materials and technology for environmental sensing, detection and monitoring.
  • Microfluidic and nanofluidic platforms
  • CO2 conversion


Dr. Lu is currently an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary. Her research is focused on bioadhesion, colloid and interfacial chemistry, polymers, nanomaterials/nanotechnology and their applications in biomedical and industrial processes such as anti-fouling, oil sands process water treatment, greenhouse gases emission control, etc. She also has strong expertise in microfluidics, fuel cells and electrocatalysis obtained from her graduate studies. She did both her BSc and MSc in Chemistry at Wuhan University, China under the supervision of Prof. Juntao Lu and Prof. Lin Zhuang, and obtained her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at University of Alberta, under the supervision of Prof. Jed Harrison. After her PhD, she was trained as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Prof. Yang Liu’s group, the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering in Prof. Hongbo Zeng’s group at the University of Alberta. Dr. Lu has published one book chapter and over 50 papers in top journals such as Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Advanced Functional Materials, Water Research, Langmuir, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, Biomaterials, etc.


Selected publications

Zhang L., Mishra D., Zhang K., Perdicakis B., Pernitsky D., Lu Q.*, Quantifying the impact of solution feed deviations on coagulant dosage in synthetic SAGD produced water. Water Research, 2021, 200, 117202 (IF 11.236).

Yu M., Fan C., Ge F., Lu Q.*, Wang X., Cui Z.*, Anticorrosion behavior of organic offshore coating systems in UV, salt spray and low temperature alternation simulated Arctic offshore environment. Materials Today Communications, 2021, 28, 102545 (IF 2.678).

Ye C., He X., Lu Q.*, Dendrimer functionalized nanocrystalline cellulose for CO2 adsorption. Cellulose, 2021, 27, 2173 (IF 5.271).

Yu M., Mishra D., Cui Z., Wang X., Lu Q.*, Recycling papermill waste lignin into recyclable and flowerlike composites for effective oil/water separation. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2021, 216, 108884 (IF 9.078).

Feng X.-J., He X., Lai L.*, Lu Q.*, Cheng L., Wu J., Polydopamine-anchored polyether on Fe3O4 as magnetic recyclable nanoparticle-demulsifiers. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2021, 617, 126142 (IF 4.539).

Zhang K., Pernitsky D., Jafari M., Lu Q.*, Effect of MgO hydration on silica removal during warm lime softening of SAGD produced water. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2021, 60, 1839 (IF 3.573).

Liu X., He X., Yang B., Lai L., Chen, N., Hu, J.*, Lu Q.*, Dual physically cross-linked hydrogels incorporating hydrophobic interactions with promising repairability and ultrahigh elongation. Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31, 2008187 (IF 18.808).

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Wang Y., Lu Q.*, Dendrimer functionalized nanocrystalline cellulose for Cu(II) removal. Cellulose, 2020, 27, 2173 (IF 5.271).

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Maan O., Huang J., Zeng H., Lu Q.*, Probing Molecular interactions between humic acid and surface-grafted polyacrylamide using quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation and atomic force microscopy: implication for environmental remediation. Environmental Chemistry, 2018, 15, 336-350 (IF 3.500).

Lu Q.*, Huang J., Maan O., Liu Y.*, Zeng H.*, Probing molecular interaction mechanisms of organic fouling on polyamide membrane using a surface forces apparatus: implication for wastewater treatment. Science in the Total Environment, 2018, 622-623, 644 (IF 7.963).

Feng J., Yang G., Mei Y., Cao X., Wang Y., Li H.*, Lu Q.*, Macroscopic visual detection of phoxim by calix[4]arene-based host-guest chemistry. Sensors & Actuators, B 2018, 271, 264-270 (IF 7.29).

Deng K., Hu B., Lu Q.*, Hong X.*, Cu/g-C3N4 modified ZnO/Al2O3 catalyst: methanol yield improvement of CO2 hydrogenation. Catalysis Communications, 2017, 100, 81 (IF 3.612).

Lu Q., Oh D. X., Lee Y., Jho Y., Hwang D. S.*, Zeng H.*,Nanomechanics of cation-π interactions in aqueous solution. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2013, 52, 3944 (selected as a hot paper by the journal) (IF 15.536).

Lu Q., Danner E., Waite J. H., Israelachvili J. N., Zeng H.*, Hwang D. S.*, Adhesion of mussel foot proteins to different substrate surfaces. Journal of Royal Society Interface, 2012, 10, 20120759 (IF 4.523).

Lu Q., Hwang D. S., Liu Y.* and Zeng H.*, Molecular interactions of mussel protective coating protein, mcfp-1, from Mytilus californianus. Biomaterials, 2012, 33, 1903 (IF 12.479).

Lu Q., Wang J., Faghihnejad A., Zeng H. *, Liu Y.*, Understanding the molecular interactions of lipopolysaccharides during E. coli initial adhesion with a surface forces apparatus. Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 9366 (IF 3.889).


Selected awards

2020 – Early Career Research Excellence Award, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary

2011 – Excellence in Oral Presentation, PDF Research Day, University of Alberta

2008, 2009 – Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, University of Alberta

2007, 2008 – GSA Professional Development Grants, University of Alberta

2006 – Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Alberta

2001, 2002, 2003 – Outstanding Graduate Students Scholarship, Wuhan University

2001 – Excellent BSc Thesis, Wuhan University

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 – Outstanding Undergraduate Students Scholarship, Wuhan University