Ron Hugo


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Pipeline Engineering Centre

Chair in Engineering Education Innovation

Li Ka Shing Foundation

PhD - Aerospace Engineering

University of Notre Dame, 1995

MS - Aerospace Engineering

University of Notre Dame, 1991

BSc - Mechanical Engineering

University of Calgary, 1989

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Office: 403.220.2283

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Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB309


Heat Transfer

Introductory Fluid Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics


Research areas

  • Multiphase flow
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Pipeline-based compressed air energy storage


Current research

Ron Hugo's researching the application of tomographic imaging of multiphase pipe flow; the development of waste heat recovery technology from low-quality waste heat sources; and the development of optical-based non-destructive testing technology for application to pipeline systems. His interests in the field of engineering education involve exploring the combination of on-line delivery with project-based learning for the development of strong technical fundamentals alongside the professional skills of engineering practice.

Pipeline Engineering Centre

As Pipeline Engineering Centre Director, he helps to coordinate collaborative research activities of professors from the Schulich School of Engineering and the Faculty of Science within the University of Calgary. These activities include the process of facilitating industry-university interactions, joint research initiatives and projects, and overseeing the process of highly-qualified personnel development through both graduate education and short-course professional training.


Dr. Hugo came to the department in July of 1999 after spending four years as a research scientist with the US Air Force Research Lab in Albuquerque, NM where he performed basic and applied research in support of the Airborne Laser program. Dr. Hugo's research interests involve the development of high-temporal bandwidth optical-wavefront measurement systems and their application to non-intrusive flow interrogation. Of current interest is the flow of an axisymmetric jet exhausting into either a quiescent or a cross-flow environment, and the application of both passive and active flow control methodologies to enhance the mixing process under varying external conditions. These flows are of industrial concern in applications such as process burners, process heaters, incinerators, jet-engine combustion and exhaust, and flare-stack burners.

Non-intrusive optical wavefront measures of the Shack-Hartmann variety provide a means of understanding the spatial development of the jet's evolving vortical structure at high-temporal bandwidth. These measurements, coupled with more traditional measurement techniques involving micro-thermocouple temperature probes, hot-wire anemometers, and gas sampling probes are used to assess, understand, and improve the methods of jet-flow control. The resulting benefits of such research are improved combustion efficiency in the case of energy release, improved destruction efficiency in the case of incineration, and a reduction in acoustical emissions in the case of engine exhaust.


Select publications

“Naturally-Forced Slug Flow Expander for Application in a Waste-Heat Recovery Cycle,” Energies, pp. 7223-7244, vol. 7, 2014.

"Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) with compressors distributed at heat loads to enable waste heat utilization," Applied Energy, pp. 165-179, vol. 103, March 2013.

“Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry Applied to a Vortex Pipe Flow,” Experiments in Fluids, pp. 333-346, vol. 40, no. 3, March 2006.


2016 Mechanical Engineering Professor of the Year

2006 ESS Teaching Excellence Award

2005 Students' Union Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention

2004 Department of MME Teaching Excellence Award

2004 APEGGA Summit Excellence in Education Award

2004 Mechanical Engineering Professor of the Year

2003 Faculty and Departmental Teaching Excellence Awards

2002 Department Teaching Excellence Award

2002 Students Union Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention Award

2001 Department Teaching Excellence Award

2001 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

2001 Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Professor of the Year

2000 Student Union Teaching Excellence Award