Ron Wong


Department of Civil Engineering


University of Alberta


McMaster University

Contact information


Office: 403.220.4998


CNRL Engineering Complex : ENF 272



Fundamentals of soil behaviour, applied rock engineering, statics, soil mechanics, soil dynamics, tunneling and cold region engineering

Preferred method of communication

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Research areas

  • Application of soil, rock and fluid mechanics to geotechnical engineering
  • Application of soil, rock and fluid mechanics to petroleum
  • Application of soil, rock and fluid mechanics to mining
  • Application of soil, rock and fluid mechanics to geo-environmentl engineering

Research activities

Borehole strengthening

Geomechanics in thermal heavy oil recovery

Geotechnics of oil sand tailing

Hydrocarbon contaminant transport in unsaturated soil

Hydraulic fracturing

Multiphase flow in fractures

Pipeline decommissioning 

Soil erosion

THMC properties of clay shale

Waste water disposal


Dr. Ron Wong obtained his BEng from McMaster University and PhD from the University of Alberta. Before joining the University, he was a structural engineer in Hong Kong. He worked on heavy oil thermal recovery research at Imperial Oil Resources Canada. Dr. Wong is currently a professor of the Department of Civil Engineering.


Selected publications

Jia, S., Eaton, D. and Wong R.C.K. 2018. Stress inversion of shear-tensile focal mechanisms with application to hydraulic fracture monitoring. Accepted in International Journal of Geophysics, GJI-S-17-0525.R2.

Wong, C.K., Wan, R.G. and Wong, R.C.K. 2017. Tensile-shear failure envelope of compacted Regina clay – hybrid failure mode. International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering,

Vishkai, M., Wang. J., Wong, R.C.K., Clarkson, C. and Gates, I. 2017. Modeling geomechanical properties of unconventional reservoirs:  The Montney Formation, Alberta, Canada. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 96:94-105.

Li, B. and Wong, R.C.K. 2016. Quantifying structural states of soft mudrocks. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 121: 3324-3347.

Li, B. and Wong, R.C.K. 2015. Effect of heating in steam-based-oil-recovery process on deformation of shale: a compositional thermal strain model. Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 54(1): 26-34.

Wong, R.C.K. and Varatharajan, S. 2014. Viscous behaviour in clays under 1D compression. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 51(7): 795-809.

Deriszadeh, M. and Wong, R.C.K. 2014. One-dimensional swelling behavior of clay and shale under electrical potential gradient. Transport in Porous Media: 101(1): 35-52.

Xu, B. and Wong, R.C.K. 2013. Coupled finite element modeling of well testing in unconsolidated oil sands. International Journal of Analytical and Numerical Methods in Geomechanics, 37: 3131-3149.