Salvatore Federico


Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Centre for Bioengineering Research and Education

PhD - Structural Mechanics

University of Catania, 2004

Laurea cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering

University of Catania, 2000

Contact information


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB406

Office hours

By appointment

Preferred method of communication

General inquiries: Via email

Graduate students: For all details, please see my prospective student webpage

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Biomedical diagnostics and imaging
  • Biomechanics
  • Tissue mechanics

Research activities

Theoretical mechanics; Continuum mechanics

  • Geometrical foundations of continuum mechanics
  • Theory of elasticity in the non-linear and linear regimes
  • Theory of material uniformity and evolution
  • Evaluation of the mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced materials

Biomedical engineering; Biomechanics

  • Microstructural constitutive models for soft tissues, particularly articular cartilage and vascular tissue
  • Growth and remodelling of biological tissues

Teaching (past and present)

  • Mechanics of Solids I and II
  • Biomechanics of Movement
  • Biomechanics of Tissues
  • Advanced Continuum Mechanics


1976-07-29               Born in Messina, Italy

1989-09 - 1994-07    Maturità Scientifica (60/60), Liceo Scientifico Archimede, Messina, Italy

1994-11 - 2000-10    Laurea (110/110) cum Laude, Mechanical Engineering, University of Catania, Italy

2000-10 - 2004-03    PhD, Structural Mechanics, University of Catania, Italy

2005-01 - 2007-12    Post Doctoral Fellow, Human Performance Laboratory, The University of Calgary, Canada

2008-01 - 2012-03    Assistant Professor, Engineering, The University of Calgary, Canada

2012-04 - 2018-06    Associate Professor, Engineering, The University of Calgary, Canada

2012-09 - 2018-06    Adjunct Associate Professor, Kinesiology, The University of Calgary, Canada

2018-07 - current     Professor, Engineering, The University of Calgary, Canada

2018-07 - current     Adjunct Professor, Kinesiology, The University of Calgary, Canada


Teaching awards

2018-05  2017-2018 Teaching Achievement Award, Schulich School of Engineering, The University of Calgary

2013-03  Teaching Excellence Award (Second-Year Civil-Chemical-Mechanical), Engineering Student Society, The University of Calgary


Research awards

2016-02  2015 Editor's Choice list (Grillo, Guaily, Giverso, Federico, 2015, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 137, 071004-8)

2011-01  2010 Departmental Early Research Excellence Award, The University of Calgary

2009-01  Alberta Innovates New Faculty Award (formerly Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award)

2007-08  American Society of Biomechanics Young Scientist Post-Doctoral Award


Invited lectures at international conferences

2018-08 20th Biennial Meeting of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics, Halifax, Canada

2014-07 Seventh World Congress of Biomechanics, Boston, USA

2013-07 50th SES Annual Meeting, Brown University, USA

2013-07 4th Canadian Conference on NonLinear Solid Mechanics, Montreal, Canada

2013-06 Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Manchester, UK

2012-07 2012 European Solid Mechanics Conference, Graz, Austria

2010-10 47th SES Annual Meeting, Iowa State University, USA

2007-08 31st American Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting, Stanford, USA

2007-07 Interplay between Mechanics and Biology, Castro-Urdiales, Spain

2006-08 Fifth World Congress of Biomechanics, München, Germany


Postdoctoral fellowship awards

2006-12 - 2007-12  Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions (formerly, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research), Canada

2004-12 - 2006-11  Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures (formerly, Alberta Ingenuity Fund), Canada