Shengnan (Nancy) Chen

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

BSc (Petroleum Engineering)

China University of Petroleum

MSc (Production Engineering)

China University of Petroleum

PhD (Petroleum Systems Engineering)

University of Regina

Contact information


Office: 403.220.2040

Web presence

Research website


Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology : CCIT 222


Dr. Chen has taught the following courses:

  • ENPE 533 – Petroleum Production Engineering
  • ENPE 505 – Surface Production Operation
  • ENPE 429 – Reservoir Engineering
  • ENPE 531 – Final Year Oil and Gas Design Project II

ENPE 511 – Final Year Oil and Gas Design Project I

Preferred method of communication

Dr. Chen’s research group is always looking for motivated, talented master and PhD students and researchers.

Please review the Graduate Studies in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering program requirements and application requirementsto get a sense of the basic requirements to join her group.

If you meet the basic requirements and are interested in becoming part of her team, please send your application files (combined in one single pdf file) including:

  • a CV
  • publication record
  • 2 reference letters or contact details of 2 references


 Please DO NOT call.

Research and teaching

Research activities

Dr. Chen performs research on modeling and optimizing multi-stage hydraulic fractures, focusing on tight formations (ex. shale oil and shale gas) development in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in a both efficient and environmental friendly manner. Dr. Chen also works on using advanced optimization algorithms to improve the ultimate oil recovery or net present value of a field project for several years.

The Chen research group has a proven track record and expertise in developing strategies that enhance oil recovery in unconventional reservoirs. The group has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers on oil recovery applications. Their current research focuses are:

  • Production forecast for simulated horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fractures in tight oil and shale gas formations
  • Non-thermal water mobility control in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) process and maximizing oil recovery in such processes.

Phase behaviour of the system of petroleum reservoir fluids and solvents.


Dr. Shengnan (Nancy) Chen has a PhD in petroleum systems engineering from the University of Regina, an MSc in production engineering and a BSc in petroleum engineering from the China University of Petroleum.

She is the head of the Chen research group which has developed novel numerical simulation and mathematical optimization techniques, demonstrated to increase oil recovery and lifespan of oil wells.


Selected Publications:

S. Wang, S. Chen, M. Ma and M. Lin, Approximate Analytical Pressure Studies on Dual Porosity Reservoirs with Stress-sensitive Permeability, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, Volume 18, No. 04, pages 523 - 533, 2015.

M. Lin, S. Chen, Z. Chen, and J. Xu, Effect of Hydraulic Fracture Geometries on Well Production in Hydraulic Fractured Tight Oil Reservoirs, Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 54(3), pp. 183-194, May 2015.

G. Shu, M. Dong, S. Chen, and P. Luo, Improvement of CO2 EOR Performance in Water-Wet Reservoirs by Adding Active Carbonated Water, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 121, Pages 142–148, 2014.

W. Zhou, M. Dong and S. Chen, Investigation of Initial Water Mobility and Its Effects on SAGD Performance in Bitumen Reservoirs and Oil Sands, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 135, Pages 39–49, 2015.

M. Ma, S. Chen, and Jalal Abedi, Modeling the Density, Solubility and Viscosity of Bitumen/Solvent Systems Using PC-SAFT, JPSE, Volume 139, Pages 1–12, 2016.