Simon Li

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Program Director

Energy Engineering

PhD - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

University of Toronto, 2005

MASc - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

University of Toronto, 2000

BASc - Mechanical Engineering

University of Toronto, 1998

Contact information


Office: 403.220.5599


Mechanical Engineering Building : MEB222


Mechanical Engineering Design Methodology and Application (ENME 538)

Mechanical Systems in Buildings (ENME 583)

Preferred method of communication


Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Intelligent and autonomous systems
  • Sustainable manufacturing systems
  • Energy engineering
  • HVAC systems and building energy modeling
  • Engineering education
  • Engineering design education

Research activities

Intelligent and autonomous systems: sustainable manufacturing systems

  • Cellular manufacturing for mass customization
  • Closed-loop manufacturing and supply chain
  • Resilient production systems through flexible operations
  • Computational complexity in the optimization of manufacturing system

Energy engineering: HVAC systems and building energy modeling

  • Grey-box modeling of HVAC systems
  • Uncertainty analysis of building energy saving
  • Data-driven modeling of occupancy and building energy consumption

Engineering education: engineering design education

  • Pedagogy for engineering design education
  • Integration of analytical skills in design
  • Graduate attribute assessment
  • Cognitive abilities in engineering design


Selected Publications

Daie P, Li S. (2016). Hierarchical Clustering for Structuring Supply Chain Network in Case of Product Variety. Journal of Manufacturing Systems. Vol. 38, pp. 77-86.

Alemam A, Li S. (2016). Eco-Design Improvement for the Diaphragm Forming Process. International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 1-10.

Li S, Nahar K, Fung BCM. (2015). Product Customization of Tablet Computers based on the Information of Online Reviews by Customers. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. Vol. 26, pp. 97-110.

Li S, Mirhosseini M (2012). A Matrix-based Modularization Approach for Supporting Secure Collaboration in Parametric Design. Computers in Industry, Vol. 63, pp. 619-631.


NSERC Chair in Design Engineering (co-chair)