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Electrical Engineering with a Software Specialization

Eligible courses

A list of the graduate courses offered each term by the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering and CEERE that can be used for credit towards an MEng degree in Electrical and Software Engineering with a specialization in Software Engineering. New students should refer to the Graduate Calendar for regulations regarding program/course requirements. This recommended pathway includes department-approved courses and will fulfill degree requirements.


Programming Fundamentals for Data Engineers

ENSF 5921

Principles of Software Development I

ENSF 5931

Principles of Software Development II

ENSF 5941


Advanced System Analysis and Software Design

ENSF 6142

Advanced Software Development and Architecture

ENSF 607 (option)3


ENSF 608 (option)3

Machine Learning for Software Engineers

ENSF 611 (option)3

Engineering Large Scale Data Analytics Systems

ENSF 612 (option)3

Ethics, Law, and the Engineering Profession

ENGG 687 (option)3


Team Design Project in Software Engineering I

ENSF 6092

Team Design Project in Software Engineering II

ENSF 6102

Data Mining and Machine Learning

ENEL 6454

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ENGG 6834

600-level course


600-level course


1Qualifying students are required to successfully complete ENSF 592, 593 and 594 over the Spring/Summer terms in advance of beginning the MEng Software program
2Students are required to take this course for their program; requirement of ENSF 606 as stated in the calendar is waived by following this pathway
3Where "option" is indicated, choose FOUR of all those listed for completion as part of the Software Engineering specialization
4Students following this pathway and starting in the 2021 Fall Term are recommended to take ENEL 645 and ENGG 683 in the following Winter Term 
5Where SENG/ENSF 6XX is listed, students may choose any SENG/ENSF 600-level course


Recommended pathway

Software MEng recommended pathway

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