Capstone design projects

Sparking new ideas and designing solutions

Capstone design projects are the culmination of four years of study. They are a year-long assignment where students are asked to find solutions to industry challenges or to create their own invention.

Learning by doing

Many of our projects are sponsored by industry, giving our students real-world experience of addressing the needs of a client. Projects go from concept to design to fabrication and presentation at our annual Capstone Design Fair.

Our students have created everything from a device to remove plastic from rivers, a bike that can withstand the ice and snow to a DNA sequencer. They've investigated variable speed limits on some of our busiest highways, or filed patents and launched small businesses based on their projects. 

Showcasing their inventions

Each spring, our soon-to-be graduating engineering class presents their capstone projects at the annual Capstone Design Fair. Students practice key communications techniques while sharing their insights and expertise. With more than 100 student projects on display throughout the engineering complex, this is a great opportunity to meet future engineers, view new products and learn more about new approaches to challenges faced in our industry. 

Check out our past winners:


Capstone design project

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Capstone Design Fair

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This annual showcase of student projects has been cancelled based on Public Health Agency of Canada Guidelines.

Capstone Design Fair

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