Supervisors of Merit

Engineering Career Centre

Nomination criteria

The Engineering Career Centre invites students to acknowledge outstanding supervisors. Nominees are considered "Supervisors of Merit" and receive recognition at our annual event. 

If you feel your supervisor has played a significant role in your internship success, consider recognizing them as through our recognition form. We ask you to provide a description of how your supervisor has contributed to your career development (maximum 1 page in length). Include examples of how they have mentored and helped you develop key skills/attributes such as:

  • Establish new solutions/processes within your team/organization
  • Technical competency beyond your expectations
  • Leadership and excellence within the internship experience
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Business acuity

2020 Supervisors of Merit

Nova Chemicals

Elizabeth Wilson, Process Engineer - Central Engineering

Husky Energy

Oliver Poon, Senior Staff Project Engineer

Tomasz Szymczyk, Staff Technology Implementation Engineer

Suncor Energy

Joseph Pok, Senior Advisor - Upstream

Pembina Pipelines

Logan Ahn, Process Engineer Supervisor

Airbus UK

Paul Martin, Single Aisle Wing CNQ MFT Plateau Leader

Nanalysis Corp.

Neal Gallagher, Director of Product Development

Richard Hall, Software Manager

TC Energy

Kevin Widenmaier, Manager - Engineering Support

Rob Johnston, Team Lead - Process Engineering

Julia Gangji, Lead - Measurement Projects

Michael Cismaru, Manager of PI Project Management SAB&BC


Crescent Point Energy

Brady Anderson, Digital Engineer

ConocoPhillips Canada

Justin Hood, Facility Engineering Team Lead

Whaley Nicholas Armitage, Contact Engineer - Water Treatment & De-oiling

Verity Studios

Maarten Flink, Field Support Engineer

Arcurve Inc.

Helder De Oliveira, Senior Developer

Past Supervisors of Merit

Devish Radhakrishnan, Scientist II, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Eliezer Barreto, Supervisor, Reliability Engineer, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Julian Carassco, Senior Technical Engineer Specialist, Hydro One
Givemore Sakuhuni, Research Engineer, Imperial Oil
Edwin Reid, Director of Electrical Technology, McMillan-Mcgee Corp.
Beau Chaitan, Sr Environmental and Regulatory Engineer, MEG Energy
Chris Little, VDC Manager, Modern Niagara
John Schleppe, Engineering Fellow and Manager of Research, NovAtel
Jennifer Currie, Civil Engineering Consultant, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Michael Hiatt, Senior Scientist, STEMCELL Technologies
Cheryse MacDonald, Senior Advisor Business Development Planning, Suncor
Ryan Wheeler, Engineering Manager, TC Energy
Marieli Romero, Manager - Facility Integrity, TC Energy
Adam Stoker, Sustainability Consultant, University of Calgary
Paul Chidley, Hardware Manager, Zephyr Sleep Technologies

Kevin Deane, Manager, Project Development, AltaLink
Valerie Polley, Senior Engineer, ATCO
Kayla Scanga, Senior Engineer, Planning, ATCO
Vin Peng, Senior Engineer, Facilities Engineering Distribution, ATCO Gas
Kurtis Kraemer, Structures Engineer, Avmax
Ben Youn and Devesh Radhakrishnan, Sr. Scientist II and Scientist I, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
Jamey Fitzgibbon, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Construction, BluEarth Renewables
Eduardo Reis, Mechanical Engineer, Lead, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Robb Heit, Program manager, City of Edmonton
Kurt Magnus, Director of Public Works Operations, Clearwater County
Darren Prostebby, Production Engineering Manager, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Phil Falcon Project Manager, Corrpro Canada
Scott McNally, Green Energy Advisor, Crescent Point Energy
Cory Wiechnik, Pipeline Engineer Specialist, Enbridge Pipelines
Tammy Kehl, Operations Engineering Lead of Canadian Division (Cutbank Ridge), Encana
Brian Smith, Senior Software Engineer, Garmin Canada Inc.
Ehsan Jalilian, VP Technology, Hifi Engineering
Thomas Clement, Systems Engineer Hifi Engineering
Darryl Greening, Retired Safety Manager, Husky Energy
Santos Kanel, Maintenance Engineer, Husky Energy
Rodger Bernar, Sr Mgr, Emerging Surface Technologies, Husky Energy
Richard Hogervorst, Plant Operations Engineer Husky Energy
Daniel Kim, Senior Technical Specialist, Hydro One
Francis Hope, Sr. Telecom Engineer/Officer, Hydro One
Chris Nyenhuis Kearl, Programmatics Supervisor, Imperial Oil
Sarah Barbosa, Municipal Engineer, ISL Engineering and Land Services Inc.
Troy McNeill, Division Manager, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
Kurtis Thompson, Sr. Drilling & Completions Engineer, MEG Energy
Beau Chaitan, Senior Environmental and Regulatory Engineer, MEG Energy
Gregori Colomine, Manager, Well Engineering and Technical Assurance, Nexen Energy
Brian Clampitt, Estimator, NOVA Chemical
Paul Alves, Principle Research Engineer, NovAtel
Mariano Calvo, Manager, Software Developer – DataHub, Pason
Bernhard Thalhammer, Project Engineer, PROSE
Scott Kingston, Sales Operations Manager, Rockwell Automation
Emily Zong, Vice President, RS Energy Group
John Tyler Cowan, Senior Research Associate, Data Science Analyst, RS Energy Group
Cameron Ball, Designer, Smith + Andersen
Grant Broadhurst, Transportation Engineer, Associate, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Sahil Sharma, Consultant, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Faruq, Process Safety Engineer, Suncor
Beth Daniel, Program Lead, TransCanada
Usman Choudhary, Canadian Class Program Lead, TransCanada
Michael Edwards, Project Engineer, TransCanada
Ryan Jolly, Manager, Saddle West Expansion Project, TransCanada
Bazlul Karim, Team Lead - Project & Design Engineering, TransCanada
Ken Filkohazy, Manager PIPM SONT QC, TransCanada
Keith Adams, CGO Pipe Integrity Project Management PR/NONT – Manager, TransCanada
Lenais Velasquez, SCADA Analyst, TransCanada
John Kerolus, Manager- Transportation- Bridges, WSP Canada Inc.
Sean Snowden, Manager - Transportation Infrastructure, WSP Canada Inc.

Jason Clyde, Health Care Product Manager, 3M Canada
Ben Killen, Technical Proposal Coordinator, ABB
Jeremy Storer, Manager, Engineering Standards and Support, AltaLink LP
Stefan Retzko, Turbine Cooling and Validation Engineer, Ansaldo Energia
Benjamin Youn, Senior Scientist I, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Mohammad Olwan, Manager, Support Services, Calgary Scientific Inc.
Richard Hall, Director of Healthcare Applications, Calgary Scientific Inc.
Tony Law, Construction Manager, CANA Construction
Kevin Gilhooley, Maintenance Manager, CertainTeed Insulation
Ronnie Louie, Quality Assurance Director, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging
Jeannette Wheeler, Parks Urban Forestry Lead, City of Calgary
Javier Sanchez, Lead, Reservoir Engineering, ConocoPhillips Canada
Zachary Oleitschuk, Servant Leader - Service Excellence in Sales & Training Support, Fresnel Software
John Barber, R&D Engineering Manager, General Electric - Water
Scott Quinell, Senior Engineer, GLJ Petroleum Consultants
Greg Almquist, Process Director - Oil and Gas, Hatch Ltd.
Garry He, Senior Reservoir Engineer, HESC Energy
Kristina Clark, Completions Engineer (EIT), Husky Energy
Adnan Akhtar, Senior Protection and Control Technical Coordinator, Hydro One
SImon Tam, Project Engineer, IBI Group
Carolyn Mckenna, Edmonton Terminal Manager, Imperial Oil
Nicki Robertson, Integrity Engineer, Inter Pipeline
Ardy Arefi, Optimization Process Engineering Lead, MEG Energy
Wayne Petty, Estimator, Modern Niagara Alberta
Reza Pourfarahani, Associate, Mulvey and Banani
Doug Morrison, Reliability Supervisor, Nexen
WuZhang Zhou & Stefan Merkle, Sr. Manager-Maintenance, Reliability & Outages, Nexen
Bill Tchir, Process Engineering Leader, NOVA Chemicals
Cristina Orta, Research Engineer, NOVA Chemicals
Inderpal Dhillon, Project Controls Manager, Suncor Energy Inc.
Richard Sali, Drainage & Environmental Supervisor, The City of Grande Prairie
Bazlul Karim, Project Engineering Lead, TransCanada
Beth Daniel, Technical Support Engineer, TransCanada
David Savage, Pipe Integrity MFC Team Lead, TransCanada
Douglas Robertson, Leak Detection Technology Initiatives Team Lead, Transcanada
Dylan Liesch, AB & BC Corrosion Prevention Engineer, TransCanada
Mark McCann, Project Manager, TransCanada

Benjamin Youn, BioMarin
Richard Hall, Calgary Scientific
Dean Kmech, Cenovus
Julian Ortiz, ConcoPhillips
Alexis Weisbrod, Husky
Prasath Suppiah, Hydro One
Carlie Piche, Imperial Oil
Nick Walden, Modern Niagara
Nestor Zerpa, Nexen
Terry Gulewich, PCL
David Drouin, Quirion Metal
Eric Drouin, Quirion Metal
Ivars Finvers , Semtech
Joel Sawatzky, Stantec
Breagh Peel, Stantec
Tyler Shellenberg, Stantec
David Sharpe, Suncor
Sheldon Ram, Suncor
Fernando Gaviria, Suncor
Pauline Chee, TransCanada
Peter Harrison, TripSpark Technologies/Trapeze